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Mahesh Golconda


M.Tech - Electronics/Telecomunication

K J Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai

Completion Year: 2016

B.E. / B.Tech - Electronics

Pillai Institute of Information Technology, Panvel

Completion Year: 2013

Effective Resume Writing


Completed: 22-Mar-2016

VLSI System Design


Completed: 13-Mar-2018

Arduino Programming and Interfacing


Completed: 8-Oct-2016

Verilog HDL


Completed: 26-Mar-2016


campus ambassador


An overall good experience to help students who are willing to join college by writing reviews and telling other also to write review about my college

April 2016


Electronics Notice Board using Arduino and GSM module

WIRELESS NOTICE BOARD project mainly allows the user to type any alphanumeric message thrugh air interface by the use of GSM module and see it displayed through LCD.The data will be processed by ARDUINO CONTROLLER.

March 2015 - April 2015

Paper Presentation
Comparative analaysis of Multiplier and multiplierless methods used to implement FIR filter on FPGA

June 2016

Comparative analysis of Multiplier and Multiplier less method used to implement FIR filter on FPGA

Finite impulse response (FIR) filters are a type of
digital filter that has a finite impulse response which is used in
a communication system and signal processing. FIR filter
structure consists of a multiplier, adder, and delay element.
The multiplier is one of the key blocks in most digital systems
which consume high power and more area. In this paper, FIR
filter is implemented using both Multiplier and Multiplierless
method. In multiplier method, Modified Booth and a Modified
Booth with Wallace tree multiplier is designed while in the
multiplier less method, distributed arithmetic and distributed
arithmetic with partition is designed using Verilog. The code is
simulated in Model Sim and synthesized in Xilinx 14.7. This
paper summarizes the comparative study of the multiplier and
multiplier-less method based on various parameters. There is a
trade-off between area and delay. This paper will help to
choose the best method according to the requirement.

January 2016 - June 2016

Network security and ethical hacking

basic concepts of network security and ethical hacking

August 2015

Egg flu

Prevent the egg from breaking or cracking it,if it is thrown from a high level.

January 2012

Spybot Using ZIGBEE

The SPYBOT is a robot that can be controlled from anywhere around the network area . Just by using a Laptop or a PC, the user can control the robot from anywhere in the area by using Zigbee Technology.The most important advantage of the surveillance robot is the elimination of the human presence in dangerous operations such as Espionage.Owing to its small size, these robots can be utilized during a natural calamity such as earthquakes, where survivors and dead bodies could be tracked down inside the debris.Another advantage is the use of the ZIGBEE wireless network with which the user can control the robot from any remote location up to a particular area.

September 2012 - March 2013


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