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Nandhini Senthil Kumar


B.E. / B.Tech - Computer Science

Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai

Completion Year: 2021


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I attended SISHMUN 2014 ans SISHMUN 2015

SISHMUN is the largest mock United Nations held in Chennai, held at Sishya School,Adyar,Chennai.It is an event for 3 days. In 2014, a was a delegate of france in the International Court Of Justice. We spoke of the pulp mills near Uruguay. It was a mind blowing experience and helped me gain an ample amount of knowledge about the way debating is done and justice is given. It almosot felt real and I felt the neccessity to speak up for my nation. I quietly watched the experienced delegates voice out their opinions and facts boldly.

The second time I attended SISHMUM , it was 2015, I represented Mexico in the UNEP(United Nations Environmental Program). We has a discussion about poaching of wildlife and how its important to save animals. This time I spoke with confidence and stood up for Mexico. When I answered others questions and accusations, the other clapped for me. Decorum was ideal for this discussion to be held. Clashes between various nation's delegates was amusing to be a part of.
On the final day, I accused the United States providing false facts to nation through NASA. I as so close to winning however the very powerful Russia out won me.


October 2017 - November 2015

Paper Presentation

A Spidron is a continuous flat geometric figure, consisting alternating sequence of isosceles triangles of decreasing size that assembles into a spiral arrangement. Here, every pair of joining triangles share a leg and but there are no interior points inside the neighbouring triangle.If a Spidron is constructed with right angles, may can be arranged surrounding a regular polygon. Thereby, n Spidrons can be constructed within a regular n-gon by sketching decreasing order of inscribed regular and star polygons. A spidron is a process. Its area and circumference can be determined in the limit but it can also be extended by an addition of triangles.

The spidrons can appear in a very large number of version, and the various formations make possible the development of a great variety of plane, spatial and mobile applications. These developments are useful to perform aesthetic and practical functions. These functions are defined in advance by a purposefully chosen arrangements of all the possible characteristics of symmetry.
If many spidron nest are connected to each other, we obtain a unique shape that alters its vertices around the centre points arranged in a hexagonal grid, that unique shape is called a spidron relief. It can be described in transitional state and in motion through a mathematical grid

Practical uses
The stable alteration of the spidron leads to the growth of its practical uses. The first use if that if many spidron reliefs are stacked above on another, they can be used as shock zones or crumple zones (they absorb and damp shocks) in vehicles. Spidron reliefs can be even used in creating toys such as building blocks due to its space-filling properties. The geometric surface of a spidron relief can also be used to construct a wall of solar cells. The spidron reliefs geometric structure can also be used to build static structures for space travel.

The Spidron in 5080 as first modelled by Daniel Erdely in the early 70s. The name is originated from the English words spider and spiral, since the shape is similar to a spider web. The triangles next to each other share a leg but there are no exterior or interior points inside the neighbouring triangle.

August 2017


Yuvasree Kala Bharathi Award

Yuvasree Kala Bharathi Award was given to me for excelling in academics and sports in school. I'm an athlete. I had won many cups in 100m, 200m and relay race .I


November 2017

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