Kamalesh VG


Lead Software Developer

Kamalesh, a resolute yet buoyant person, also happens to be a perfect blend of traditional and modern values. Balancing two extremes is his forte! On a lighter note, one can see him be a "bipolar protagonist"!! A sound knowledge in web technology and a never say die spirit piles up to a DNA that codes for only 'innovations'! His passion for football has led him to set a 'goal' of "being the change that he wishes to see"! Leading the students' union in college for 2 years as the General Secretary and the President proves the presence of vibrating leadership qualities. The constant urge and an inner fire to give something to the society has moulded him into an aspiring entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship, football, biking, cooking
Talking on any topic for hours together
Active volunteer in Deepam, a Chennai based NGO
Favourite Quote
"Be the change that you want to see."