Karthikeyan Vijaykumar


Founder & CEO

Karthikeyan (KK) is the Founder & CEO of Twenty19. A firm believer in new technologies, he works at the intersection of technology and business. He co-founded Deepam, an NGO that provides opportunities & access to the less- privileged children through education. Deepam currently reaches out to over 220 children every weekend, in Chennai – India. He is a keen sportsman – Runs marathons, Plays ultimate Frisbee for Chakraa & Cricket for RunsnWickets. He has run 3 Marathons and 14 half marathons, officially and has also run at state-level sprint competitions.

Karthikeyan holds a degree in mechanical engineering from BITS, Pilani (2000 Batch). He was awarded the BITS Global 30 under 30 award in 2009.

Sports in general and running / cricket / cycling / ultimate frisbee in particular, education, non-profits, entrepreneurship, technology
Co-Founder of www.deepam.org.in - an NGO that educates less-privileged children in Chennai, Core Team of chennairunners.com & runsnwickets.com, BITS 30 Under 30 award
Favourite Quote
"DO what you love!"