10 interesting degrees that you can pursue after school

In India, when it comes to education we are only focused on either degree in engineering or the typical MBBS. Though we are now slowly being accustomed to other fields of education, almost everyone places their bet on the safer options. The novelty of different courses excites students but due to peer or parental pressure they succumb to the safest option available.

An emerging trend of entrepreneurship has taken over our country like never before, and the outlook towards education mingled with innovation is gaining importance. When innovation is what everybody is looking forward to education should also change its persona.

Let’s delve into some quirky yet meaningful off-beat courses that can just open your mind.

  1. Pet Grooming

It is a unique field that is gaining attention in India, if you’re a person who loves canines, felines and any other beings this one of the best options available out there. Pet grooming consists of taking care of a pet’s hygiene and its appearance (bathing and trimming fur). One should also be well aware of the potential health issues in an animal and be ever ready to spot the symptoms and take utmost care.

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  1. Puppetry

It is the lost art of storytelling coming back with a bang. This forgotten art form is now being actively used in schools to teach kids and it doesn’t disappoint in getting the attention of the kids. If you have the knack of telling interesting stories coupling it with puppetry will bring out the best.

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  1. Museology

It deals with the study on museums and gives a comprehensive knowledge about managing the collections in them. People with deep inquisitiveness about the history and are keen on knowing the lives of former civilizations can opt for this course.

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  1. Food Flavorist

This field deals with adding and inventing flavors for the food to make it tasty. This is suited best for candidates with chemistry background as this involves a lot of knowledge about chemicals, their components and plant extracts.

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Flavourist can then join opportunities of their interest: food and beverages, fragrance, cosmetics etc.

  1. Rural Studies

This is for people who believe that real India lies in the heart of its villages. Taking up rural studies will help you to understand agriculture, community development, forestry & farm management, animal husbandry, environment management etc.

You have ample opportunities and can associate with organizations that are working towards rural community issues. Joining an NGO for a cause also provides you with real-time challenges.

India. Working in rice fields, Tamil Nadu.
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  1. Gerontology

The most common aspect of humans is that we all grow old and gerontology is the study of the changes in physical, social and biological pattern in aging. The old age population in India is growing rapidly and one can get an overview by working in an NGO, many companies, old age and nursing homes look of specialists in this field.

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  1. Spa Management

To get away with the daily stressful life spas have now become a welcoming place. Almost everybody today has grown to be super conscious about their mind-body connection, and spas are known to rekindle it. Spa training institutions can help you teach everything about the field and make a career out of it.

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  1. Tea Tasting

Wine tasting was heard of but not tea tasting, right?

Surprise, surprise!

Tea tasting is gaining equal importance and as a tea taster you’ll not only taste the tea but also required to give advice, do brand marketing and learn about cultivation and manufacturing.

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  1. Ethical Hacking

If you’re the one, who hacks a friend’s account for exhilaration and are excellent at coding. You can be assured that this skill of yours cannot be wasted at all, as there are companies out there which are ready to pay you to break into the security of a system.

The expected salary for a fresher is around Rs.2 to 5 Lakhs per annum.

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10. Photonics

This course is a cross between electronics and optical technology, this course helps you understand the transmission and modulation of light and a Photonist can work as a scientist, researcher in many companies and can venture into government sector as well. Since there are only few specialists in this area, it has great demand for your services once you choose to enter in it.

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Dare yourself to go into an area of your interest, which doesn’t satisfy the status quo set by others but when you’ve made your mark in it there’s no one and nothing stopping you. Equip yourself beforehand with all the information, try to reach out and get acquainted with persons who are in it already. This not only makes you feel inspired but also helps to bust some myths too!

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