13 Stages Every Student Preparing for Entrance Exams Will Go Through

Just when you think it is finally ‘rest-time’ after graduating from school/college, you are quietly reminded of the impending entrance exams. ‘Not again!’ is obviously the reaction, but what more can a student do? Nothing more than some grumbling and getting back to books again.

Here are 13 stages which every student preparing for entrance exams will go through.

1. Introduction to the ‘mad’ All-India race

Welcome to India! The land of relentless competitions.

2. Understanding the QUOTA system

“So, now I got to score more marks to make it? This is not fair.”

3. Getting ready for ‘one more’ round

Well, the onus is on you. Either fight a good ‘one more’ round or get ready for another ‘one more’ again!

4. Preparing a schedule – for the first time

Time to get serious about life.

5. Enrolling in coaching classes

Because everyone is taking one.

6. Reading motivational content to pump up

It is going to be an all-out war. Better get ready!

7. Imagining success before even starting

It is wonderful how things happen in dreamland.

8. Googling future college campuses

“Omg! Life is going to be all more exciting”

9. Checking out previous years’ cut-offs

“What the..? How are these guys scoring this much”

10. Freaking out after the first mock exam

Exams are hard. Entrance Exams are level – ultimate!

11. Reminding yourself it is a ‘do-or-die’

“It is time to fight the fight of my life”

12. Giving out your all in the final few weeks

There is absolutely no substitute for hard work.

13. Breathing a sigh of relief after the exam

“I am done. No more, I say NO MORE!”

Exams after exams sure are hectic. But you can do yourself a favour though. Try peppering your exam preparation with some smart work. After all, it is smartness that decides your fate on exam day! Cheers and Good Luck!!

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