3 insanely attention grabbing & creative resumes

Do you want to land the job of your dreams?
Do you want to avoid this happening to your resume?

Resumes getting Shredded

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of killing competition out there. Companies receive 100s of applications daily. You may have the skills. But there’s a possibility of it getting overlooked and missed in all this rush. Well, here are some really creative ideas you can follow to create that big impression and stand out from the rest.

01. Milk Box CV


The industry is very competitive and agencies receive hundreds of emails with portfolios and CV’s every day.  So I had to come up with something different, in order to get attention. So I decided to create a Milk BOX with my CV on it, so I could send it to the agencies inside a “Creative Lunch Box” - explains Miguel Rato

Using the ingredients to display skills and the level of expertise as calories, for example, HTML & CSS (Medium Calories) is very innovative and really gets the desired attention. Brilliant execution.

Miguel Rato's Lunch Box


02. Google Inspired Interactive CV

Hitesh Jinabhai's Google Resume

To grab the attention of potential employers, I knew I had to stand out from every other applicant. So, I came up with the concept of a Google inspired interactive CV.

I wanted to create an original and interactive experience with a PDF. The interactivity came from  elements like rollovers and buttons and the CV could be navigated like a website.

The Google concept was born from recognizing how people use technology today. What do potential employers do, when they screen candidate? Google them! So why not pre-empt that, by giving them an interactive Google CV that they could click on and navigate. – explains Hitesh Jinabhai

This is great! Using something that is already popular, giving it a creative twist and doing all this using only minimal technology. Attention grabber.

Hitesh Jinabhai's Interactive Resume



03. Chocolate Box CV

Rob Jervis' Box of Chocolates

I felt the need for an interesting CV as emails are too easily ignored. I’d been making chocolates at home for a few months and one day, came up with the genius idea of making my CV into a box of chocolates.

I handed them to numerous companies all to great response, I landed a two week placement at LFH (now Illumination) and subsequently a full time junior design role. – explains Rob Jervis

This is a Classic! If the interviewer is a lady, I bet you have the job :)

Life is a Box of Chocolates


When you work so hard to stand out and create a resume that makes an impact, the interviewer is bound to give you the right kind of attention and your dream job that seemed an up-hill task to you suddenly seems attainable.

So, be brave. Be creative. Dream big. Keep Learning. And do something unique. Because if you don’t, someone else will ;)

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