4 Major Phases in the Life of a College Student

This article illustrates the phases in the life of a college student

635959352181425725112395892_collegeTransitioning from school to college is always a special thing in the diary of every student. New place, new premises, new classroom, and new friends- everything starts from scratch. Going off to the college may be the best thing that can happen to a student. But this journey is segregated again into a total of at least 4 broad phases that one has to cover in order to emerge victorious by coming out of it being more positive and experienced. College in a way prepares you for the future and helps to gain a valuable experience, besides all those funny jokes cracked here and there in the cafeteria over a cup of cappuccino and typical classroom mischief.

Below are the four main phases of college life that every student can relate to:

Phase 1: I am quite apprehensive about going to college a.k.a the Freshman Year

While everything in the first year of the college looks exciting, the very idea of leaving the school behind for a brand new college is what scares every student the most. What if I don’t like the college? What if I am not able to make even a single friend there? What if my Professors won’t like me? If you have thought about these things, then welcome to stage one!

student-life-freshman-orientation-dos-dontsWhat to expect in this phase:

  • You are terribly going to miss your school as you try to find a comfy spot for yourself in the new environment.
  • It will take months before you start feeling at home in college.
  • It will take time for you to bunch together with your classmates , especially when you do not have a single high school friend attending the same college.
  • You will terribly miss home if you are in a new city for your college life.
  • You will deeply regret leaving behind those days when you were just free at home, binge watching your favourite TV shows.

giphy-downsized (77)Exciting things in this phase:

  • You will be in a place where nobody knows about what you were like in high school.
  • New beginnings for you, everywhere.
  • Ample time to make right decisions when it comes to choosing your friends or elective subjects/enrichment courses.
  • Vast scope for exploring if at all you have shifted to a new city for your higher studies.
  • Having a great time with your hostel roommates, partying around without any curfew.

a5b5965b058f1d6f446aca155ce5fcb7--new-beginings-quotes-winter-solstice-quotesThings you wouldn’t like:

  • You will definitely feel homesick in the first few months of college.
  • You will detest many things in the beginning – college timings, certain faculty members, rules and regulations, etc. But don’t worry because soon you will get accustomed to it.
  • You might not get the readymade attention from the Professors until you actually make your name by doing something good.
  • You might not understand the syllabus in the first go even when you are pursuing the course you yourself opted to study.
  • It will take a considerable amount of time before you can really adjust yourself to the new environment.

undertandTip : This year can either be the best or worst year of your college life depending on your ability to cope. So be yourself and try to make the most of everything that comes your way.

Phase Two: College isn’t that bad after all a.k.a the Sophomore Year

Stage two brings a little more maturity on your part when it comes to dealing with your college life. You proceed towards becoming a sophomore with a little more understanding in those matters that were of great concern to you as a freshman.

sail2_websize2What to expect in this phase:

  • You will be a little more understanding and mature when it comes to handling your studies and overall college life.
  • You will not feel so much homesick any more.
  • You will have found a secure spot for yourself.
  • You will have enrolled as a member of any of the societies on the college campus- Dance, drama, quiz, literature, etc.
  • You will have gained a better understanding of people in this year.

tumblr_lf6h1il88f1qcxxd0o1_500Exciting things in this phase:

  • A bunch of friends whom you can rely on.
  • Roommates who will always make you feel at home even in hostel.
  • You will know your way around the campus by this time.
  • You will be comfortable raising your hand and participating in class discussions.
  • You will gain a better understanding of why you are here in the first place.
  • You will feel a new energy and enthusiasm bursting within you.

college-friends1Things which you wouldn’t like:

  • Getting disillusioned with certain people in the class whom you had contemplated relying on as friends in your freshman year.
  • Feeling too much study pressure building up.
  • Feeling stressed out because you will have to handle both the academics and extra-curricular activities.
  • You can’t be as relaxed as you were in your freshman year.
  • You will have to make tough choices and be a little more self-reliant.

giphy-downsized (79)

Tip This year is all about self- discovery. So sleep well, eat well and work hard. Participate and never lose hope.

Phase 3: Look we’re the boss a.k.a the Senior Year

This year is going to be the most memorable since you will be at the topmost position on the college ladder, welcoming the new freshers while reminiscing the day you came for your orientation as a freshman. As you move up the ladder, more responsibilities will come to rest on your shoulders. Hence this year will be equally challenging while you serve as a role model for the juniors.

636108653084735123-184317666_senior 3

What to expect in this phase:

  • More pressure and more responsibilities.
  • If your juniors will start liking you, they will flock to you.
  • A position in the Student Council of your college.
  • Lot more interaction with Professors and others.
  • Multi-tasking.
  • Placement opportunities / Internships at some places before you graduate.
  • Extensive preparation for the Final University Exams.



 Exciting things in this phase:

  • You will enjoy your position as a senior with an air of superiority.
  • You might be invested this year as an office holder in the student council.
  • You will be a perfect role model for your juniors.
  • You will become more serious with your studies.
  • You will get more internship and placement opportunities.
  • Your teachers will now know your name and character properly.
  • People will now rely on you more and more if they have any queries.
  • You are ready to make it to the finish line.

giphy-downsized (80)

 Things you wouldn’t like:

  • You are still uncertain about your future.
  • You have a lot of study pressure for the final University exams.
  • You have an image to maintain.
  • No more college after a few months.

giphy-downsized (81)Tip: Make the most of it even while it lasts for a short period. Concentrate mainly on your studies in order to get better grades.

Phase 4:  Wait it’s already over? No!!!!!! a.k.a the Farewell

This phase means you have completed a full circle but with contradictory feelings in your heart. You started out as freshman hating college for uncountable things but now you are taking your leave from the same place filled with a lot of gratitude, love and memories that are weighing heavily upon your heart.


What to expect in this phase:

  • Tears!
  • Tears!
  • Tears!
  • A hope for a new life full of bliss, happiness and prosperity.
  • Patching up with those people in the college with whom you had a fall out once.
  • Handing over your position and legacy to your successors.
  • Preparing hard for the upcoming exams.

giphy-downsized (83)

 Exciting things in this phase:

  • Choosing the best outfit for the farewell party or prom.
  • Expecting a farewell bash from some of your favourite juniors.
  • A PowerPoint presentation filled with the college memories that will make you cry.
  • A new life ahead filled with happiness and good health.
  • Passing out with good grades .
  • Getting a good job.
  • Prospect of studying further by going abroad.
  • A chance to exchange contact details with your badge mates and professors to keep in touch.


 Things you wouldn’t like:

  • Leaving some of the best people behind.
  • Terribly missing your college.
  • Sweating over how you will perform in the final exam.
  • Studying (obviously).

Good-Bye-Nice-ImageTip: Express yourself as much as you can because now is the time to say all those things that were left unsaid. Express your love and gratitude towards people who supported you no matter what and always remember to be in touch.

College life is surely filled with a lot of ups and downs but its a journey truly unforgettable. It is one of the best experiences that you can get.


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