Everybody here is looking to make a move and gain experience by working as interns for different companies. Many of you may have been rejected before or trying for a while and have not been getting good responses. Here are some things to avoid when applying for internships.

Spelling and grammatical errors in application


While applying for any post, read your cover letter time and time again. Any spelling mistake can be fatal for your chances of selection. Run the application through one of your friends who are good in English or already have experience in applying for internships. The application is the first of impression and you might want to make the best of impression by avoiding any grammar error.

Providing wrong/irrelevant work experience


Especially for newbies, this is very important. Mention the smallest thing that you have done- but it should be worthwhile. Being an editor at a Facebook page is not something you should put out on your resume(unlesss social media skills are required). Do not lie about doing something. If a question is thrown at you on that, you will be bamboozled.

Not following instructions


There are specific instructions given for the ad and the application should definitely follow them. If you do not do as directed, it may annoy the employer and put a question mark over your seriousness- ultimately leading to rejection.

Not doing enough research on the company


Especially while applying via platforms( like twenty19), one should look up the company’s website at the very least. It should not look like you just applied after seeing the ad to make some pocket money. Always have a good idea about what the company does and its latest developments.

Not following up


You will see this everywhere. This is because it is one of the most common mistakes. When you feel that, the company is taking too much time, mail them. Do not sound rude- things like “I am disappointed”. This could even lead to you getting rejected. Place an inquiry and make sure that it does not go to their spam folder.

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