6 cool gadgets that every college student should possess

It is a rarity to find students without gadgets in their life, they’re ever excited to learn about a new gizmo and make plans in making it a part and parcel of their life. Instead of filling up with one’s life with whatever device that comes our way it is best to pick only those that truly serve a purpose and which are not just one-time wonders resulting in dumping them in a storage room once we become bored of it.

With a little analysis of our daily needs we can get to a conclusion about what is it that serves the purpose as well as satisfies the status quo.

Here are few of the devices that help our lives become a little better:

  1. Kindle

It’s an e-reader that does its work without any distractions whatsoever. Gone are the days when students are required to carry heavy volumes in order to do their researching, kindle is a boon that holds thousands of books and it is a light weighted gadget that you can easily carry. The amazing thing is it can function for straight 30 days on a single charge.

12 clever gadgets every college student should have-Ebook Reader
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This product is especially designed by the e-commerce giant Amazon for all the bookworms; it has an anti-glare screen that displays a book just like the physical copy.

  1. Bluetooth speakers

If it’s a dance rehearsal or a get together that you’ve planned for your best friends, nothing is complete without music. When you’re on a tight budget and hiring a DJ seems to be pretty costly affair, the next best thing you can do is to buy Bluetooth speakers which are available at a reasonable price in the market. The best parts with these speakers are you can get a waterproof one too.

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It’s all the more impressive, when you have indoor pool parties coming up.

  1. Noise cancelling headphones

There are distractions all around you, most often we do not notice them because we got used to them so much that we hardly care. But when you sit down to do some serious studying or even a casual reading, all the sounds around you seem to smother and suffocate.

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Students, who are in an environment that is normally noisy and chaotic, may not be able to get away from it all the time. With the help of noise cancelling headphones one can enjoy peace in his own comfort.

  1. Laptop lock

Laptops are a common sight and it is unthinkable for students to be without it. All the work, assignments, projects and materials related to course or an internship are saved on to laptops for future use. Laptops are portable and it changes hands all the time, in a scenario like this there is high risk of losing one’s laptop if someone takes it away or it can get misplace if someone else has the same design.

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Laptop locks are like security guards that secure your laptop via a lock, the cords of these locks are around six feet but once you’ve used the distance it doesn’t allow you to go further unless you know the four digit code.

  1. External and Flash Drives

Our gadgets give us pretty good storage and all most all of us tend to save stuff on cloud as well. On the flip side, in case our gadgets stop functioning we cannot get back our data when we haven’t even saved it on cloud because there’s no space in Dropbox, drive and the likes.

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Our refuges at these times are flash and external hard drives. Flash drives are a common mode of storage; there are many out there giving ample of storage at a reasonable price. Added to these are hard drives, the space they give is gargantuan and one can store movies, music and much more to revisit later on.

  1. Solar backpack

Backpacks have taken a trendy avatar, the recent improvisations are sure to make you go and grab them. Solar back packs are one that fall into this category, even if you’re on the move this backpack will charge your mobile phone or any other gizmo in your bag totally via sunlight.

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That’s what sustainability is all about!

Powered by these devices or at least some of them, students can find a way out to do things with much more ease and become tension free in their lifestyle as well. When putting these gizmos to optimum use we can get the best out of them and stay cool, conscious and connected.

So what’s your gadget story? How it has affected your life and the tasks you were doing quite clumsily till now?

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