6 Skills needed for a Content Writer

Content Writing, as many think is easy, but it’s certainly not. You might wonder what is the big deal in being a content writer. Do you think that knowing how to construct sentences will be sufficient to become a writer? Well, there is a lot more than just that. If you are planning to be a content writer, here are the 6 skills you must work on.

 #1 Communication Skills

Effective verbal and spoken communication skills are indispensable for a writer. As a writer, your work has to take your thoughts across to the reader, effectively. Reading and writing helps you improve your verbal communication skills. While reading, pay attention to the sentence structure, word choice, and how the article flows.

#2 Grammar

A content writer has to be gramatically strong. It is your strength in grammar that helps reduce the number of mistakes in your work. A writer, strong in grammar has very few problems in creating a perfect first draft of an article. Trust us, you don’t need Microsoft Word’s Grammar Checker telling you as to where you went wrong each time.

#3 Research

A writer must be able to research a lot before beginning to work on a content. Researching improves the quality of content you create. The more research and planning you put into a content, the better it is to read. So, never miss out on research.

#5 Proof-reading

The first draft of an article, almost always, is extremely imperfect. You need to do a lot of editing to make it readable. But what if you are too lazy to go through your article? You end up posting a shoddy, sub-standard content which certainly won’t bring in readers attention. The solution: proof-reading. Scan your content, add and weed out information till it is perfect. Ask your trusted friend or colleague for views on your article. Try improvising if possible.

#5 Diligence

A content created for the masses, has to be perfect. There has to be revisions and re-revisions till it is perfect to be published. As a content writer, you have to be your own critic. Being harsh on yourself brings out the best in you. Not just that, working hard and smart is important for being and staying dynamic.

#6 Patience

An article takes time drafting, and more time to reach the ‘publish-ready’ stage. There are times when you have to edit the content over and over again, to be finally satisfied with your work. Patience is the key at such times. Ability to look for better words to match your content, and being patient are golden traits for a writer.

Content Writing, like every career option, has its own ‘big’ bag of opportunities. You can choose to be a technical writer, a research writer or a freelancer – choosing any form that fits you.

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