6 Things New Graduates Should Do To Get A Job

Looking for a job can be frustrating if you have just graduated from college. Freshers can find the job-hunting process difficult even with internship experiences under their belts.

So, if you are a new graduate looking for a job, here are 6 things you should do now!

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1. Use Your College Placement Cell

The one important resource you must use before graduating is your college placement cell. Stop by the placement cell sometime and seek advice regarding your career. The professionals there can help you identify your dream career and connect you with industry experts.

2. Write An Effective Résumé

Knowing how to write an effective résumé will land you a job sooner or later. When creating a résumé it is important you use fonts that capture attention and are legible.

3. Create A Linkedin Profile

A Linkedin profile is a must-have for any serious job seeker. This professional networking tool easily connects you with employers and professionals in your field of interest. It also gives you the opportunity to showcase what you are capable of as a candidate. You can visit students.linkedin.com for advice targeted towards new graduates.

4. Connect With Your Alumni

Your alumni can definitely help you when looking for a job. Try reaching out to them through social networking sites or make time to meetup. They have been through your stage and can certainly help you out.

5. Network With Industry Experts

A real face-to-face meeting with your target industry experts is as important as an online connect with them. You get the opportunity to show potential employers how motivated and dedicated you are when you meet them.

6. Practice For Interviews

You never know when you are going to be called for an interview. So, keep practicing. Do mock interviews and try to videotape them. This way, you can avoid mistakes when you sit for a real interview.

Doing these things right will land you a job which best suits you and which is very rewarding. Hope you find yours very soon. Cheers & Good Luck!

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