7 apps to keep your brain trained and active

There are various apps to keep your fitness regimen going. These apps are very helpful for remaining healthy. Some apps are made for maintaining mental health. These apps keep your brain charged and and active all the time. Let us look at some very useful apps like that.


Andoku Sudoku: This app is free and gives you a huge range of puzzles. Sudoku is a classic brain teaser and a great way to pass your free time while doing something useful. This app helps you have fun( the nerdy kind) and remain intellectually active in your leisure time.


Eidetic: This tool uses “space repetition” to help you memorize things perfectly. It notifies you when it is time to work on your memory and when to take on the challenge by evaluating yourself through tests. The working procedure of this app is unique and it helps a person use their grey matter to the fullest.


Happify: A very queer app that helps you put away negative thoughts and make yourself much more productive.It uses basic rules of positive psychology, which involves emphasizing the strengths and virtues that prompt a person to look at life differently. The app uses polls, articles, quizzes and many more items to create good habits.


Brain It On!: The best on this list. This tool is simply outstanding. There are physics based puzzles that you have to solve by creating free forms. The app uses Machine Learning to make sure that the forms created obey all the laws of physics including force exerted by magnetic fields and forces between charged particles. This app makes you think out of the box and people of all age groups can use it.


Lumosity: An app that uses various games and tricks to improve concentration, memory and aptitude. There are time constraints and has the provision to track one’s progress. A very popular and allegedly effective app.


Shape Jam: A set of puzzles that will look very easy at first- but as time passes, it gets insanely hard. One has to match tile based on colour, number and shape. Sound easy, right? Download the app and cross the first few levels. Get ready for some quality brain teasing.


Wizard: This app was created in University of Cambridge for improving short term memory. Researchers have stated that it is a very effective tool for people with poor memorizing ability and schizophrenia patients.

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