7 Digital Skills You Must Learn While You Are Still In College

The world around us is getting more and more technology dependent with each passing day. It is imperative for even an Arts student to know some basic digital skills to survive, let alone succeed. Keeping this mind, we have compiled a list of 7 essential skills that every student ‘must’ learn while still in college. Here it is!

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1. Photoshop (Basics)

More and more careers now require image editing skills – be it Marketing, Journalism or even non-profit work. Knowledge of Photoshop therefore has become vital. Even the basics will help a great deal.

2. Video Editing (Basics)

Just like image editing, video editing can come handy too. Basic working knowledge of the popular video editing software – Final Cut Pro will get you well-versed in editing videos.

3. HTML (Basic Coding)

As a more web-centric culture has set in, basic knowledge of crafting online content and ability to control it has become important. Understanding the basics of HTML – a standard markup language has become fundamental. A little coding knowledge will help you go a long way.

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4. WordPress

Adding content online has become so easy, thanks to WordPress – a free open-source content management system (CMS). Almost 23% of all websites – including the likes of CNN, TIME and TED – use WordPress for adding and managing content. Anyone can master this skill easily. A simple content writing internship will do.

5. Microsoft Office

This is one digital skill you should never leave college without! Word documents, Spreadsheets and PowerPoint Presentations are still not out of style, so familiarize yourself with these tools. Creating a proper Excel spreadsheet actually takes effort, and it’s still a specific qualification for many job listings. Also add Google drive to your repertoire.

6. Cloud Storage

All digital data stored on your computer, mobile phone or tablet needs a back up. There is no guarantee that stored data will remain safe on your hardware. That is why cloud storage is important. Get to know how to back up data on cloud. It is basic and very easy.

7. Branding Yourself

Companies search for prospective employees through Google searches and social media. Since 95% of users click on the first page results, it is important to brand yourself properly before going for big interviews. Establish a social media presence, especially on Linkedin and post positive content regularly.

You can easily miss out on these skills after you graduate. Make sure you learn them when you are still in college. Totally worth your time!

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