7 Habits to turn your dreams into reality

Dream big enough! Just don't stop there. Here's how you achieve your dreams and scare your fears.

Dreams are an integral part of our psyche, coupled with imagination we can discover a hidden method or invent one of our own. In order to have our dreams turn reality, we need to get down and do the work ourselves, mere wishful thinking cannot produce results.

We do have many ideas; concepts that make us feel high in a minute and can carry their charisma till a limited time. And then it doesn’t excite us so much as it did earlier but deep down we know that it has got potential, we tend to underestimate its practicality because we aren’t sure of working on it. After a while it just gets stuck and forgotten.

However, few habits can help us to turn our dreams into reality and here is it all.


There is a huge difference between dreaming and visualizing. People do tend consider both one and the same but they are not. Dreams do give you a high; in the end you when do not see it happening in real life, you will be low and this is because you are not keen on planning to do it.

With visualization you acquire a plan to execute and you will see yourself doing those things rather than just wishing the easy way out. Dreams are important but unless visualized they are nothing but a passing infatuation.



Prioritizing tasks

Right after you have set up an action plan, it is important to recheck the drafted activities. Not all activities tend to be helping you, so figure out the ones that are mere fillers and drop them.

Mindless time consuming actions need not be on your task list at all.



Working around deadlines

No matter how good is your idea or the intention behind it, but if you’re in a ‘self-paced’ mode achieving things isn’t possible. Come out of the mind-set that you’ll make it one day, if there are no deadlines it is as dead as a stillborn.



Constantly beware of your progress

With the help of deadlines, one can measure their progress by means of how much they were able to achieve in a stipulated period of time. These help in recognizing the pitfalls and get an insight into what works and what will not.

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Minimize your expectations

It never helps to get carried away with expectations of instant success or profit. In the beginning at least you cannot think of becoming an overnight success. Become an underdog, and work hard.



Perseverance is the mantra

We try few times and if our patience is tested again and again we lose hope and give up quite easily. Perseverance is the key to continue when you’re going through tough times.



Make peace with failures

Mistakes are bound to happen, there’s no point in feeling threatened by it. Tell yourself that it is an inevitable aspect of trying to make your dreams come true. Failing victoriously will definitely keep you in good stead.



“The best dreams happen when you are awake”,  they say.  Ask yourself everyday when you wake up, why aren’t we running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams. 

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