7 Myths about India

India is a diverse country ; The most diverse country in the world. People from different ethnic identities and cultural groups are present throughout the country. With a population of 1.2 billion people, 30 different states, over 20 different languages and in addition to all of it,  different cultures and art forms prevail in the country. India is certainly the largest democracy of the world and the perfect example of “Unity in Diversity”. There are certain rumors or myths that are still prevalent about India.

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India is Poor:

There is this misconception, by the commoners of the world, that India is poor. It would be harsh to call India so. India has the second largest population in the world after China. India is a developing country and is amongst the fastest growing economies. Compared with developed countries, India may not fall into that bracket but, out of all the things that India is, it surely isn’t poor.

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Population deprives development:

India, with a population of 1.2 billion people, is the second largest in the world only after China. It is a blessing in disguise as India will never lack manpower. Reports have it that India will surpass China by 2022 and will have a population of 1.8 billion by 2050. Before Independence in 1947, India had the fertility rate of approximately 6. Now it has come down to 2.8 and in some states, equal to or less than, 2.1. Also, all the major achievements, be it any field, have come in the last 3-4 decades. Moreover, as long there is inclusive development(development of all sectors of the society) India need not fear the population which is already taking care of itself.

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Industrial & IT sectors drive economy:

IT sectors have a big success story ever since their dawn in India. They’ve influenced the economy of the country by providing employment opportunities to the people. But India is a land of agriculture. Even today, the economy of the country depends mostly on the agriculture sector than any other sector. Also, the percentage of employment provided by agriculture is far more than industries and IT firms. Economy, thus, is driven by agricultural largely.

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Foreigners get looted:

Indians have this image of deceiving and misleading the visitors just to earn few extra rupees. It would be unfair to, completely, different from the perception but, at the same time, it’s also not the whole truth. We believe in the notion of “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means ‘Guest is God’ and one certainly does not treat the God in the manner it is said to be. It is true that in some parts of the country, looting and misleading are a reality but the country’s majority is of kind-hearted and helpful people who welcome their guest with a smile and serve them with utmost pleasure.

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Divided by Religions:

India is a home to many religions. Hinduism enjoys the majority in the state and is followed by Islam, Christianity and Sikhism. Not only these, there are many other religions such as Jainism, Parsi who also reside in India. Even after having so much religious and cultural diversity, India stands tall on the world level. Every religion enjoys the constitutional rights wherein they are free to practice their religion and carry out their religious ceremonies. They differ only in their religious beliefs and are far from being divided by it.

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Gender Discrimination:

India is said to be a patriarchal society. Women get discriminated on the gender basis. They do not enjoy the same rights as men. To some extent, discrimination does exist. But the scenario is changing. It was more in the earlier days and is confined only to some backward state today. Even the government is taking steps to eradicate it by promoting women to the prestigious posts of the country such as President, Speaker of the Parliament. As far as rights are concerned, they stand equally for any gender of the society.

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India is Hot:

People, especially westerners, have this conception that the weather in India is hot and humid. To their surprise, India has a moderate climate and enjoys summer, rains and winter for an equal duration. There are times when the temperature is as high as 50 degrees Celcius and as low as 0 or negative. Most westerners feel the heat on coming to India as it’s their country which is cold throughout the year. Their summers are equivalent to our midwinters.


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Credit : Popsugar.com

So we saw what all rumours or myths exist about India. There are even more things that people get wrong about India. It’s time that those misconceptions get cleared out and the true picture surface itself. The best way of doing so is by spending some time in India. If not, the least you could do is not to believe in others and find the truth for yourself.


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