7 Ways to Overcome Laziness

Laziness is one habit that we all want to overcome irrespective of our fields. It makes its way, through our living, by default and no matter what you do, it remains intact. Unless you are very firm with your willpower, laziness gets the better of you. But is it, really, that hard to overcome laziness, or it is just there in our mind. Here are some easy ways to overcome laziness.

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Morning Laziness:

We all face a very tough time to leave our bed and get up in the morning. We switch off our alarms and go back to sleep, thinking to get up in the next 5-10 minutes, only to see those 5-10 minutes turning into 30, 45, and sometimes an hour or two. At that time it’s important that we be firm with ourself and get up as soon as the alarm rings. Nowadays, in this era of smartphones, there are many alarm apps available which require you to solve a puzzle or take a selfie or accomplish some easy task (which you can choose). The alarm shuts itself only on successful completion of the task. This way you not only break out of your sleep but also gather consciousness which will help you to get out of the bed immediately.

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Schedule Effectively:

To overcome laziness, scheduling is very important. Not only scheduling but an effective scheduling is needed. Effective scheduling is to list down the tasks of the day and take them one at a time. When you are doing one task, you shouldn’t be thinking about the other and once done, put a check on it. Laziness occurs when a person sees a whole load of work to be accomplished and ultimately ends up accomplishing nothing.

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So what if you managed to get out of the bed early. It’s important that you counter the laziness that will follow you the whole day and will make you feel sleepy. Exercising is the vital source of overcoming that laziness. It will keep you active and on your toes throughout the day. You will feel fresh once you work out in the morning and your productivity will increase manifold.

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Have a good sleep:

To overcome laziness; it’s important to understand the cause of it. Laziness can be due to various reasons, most prominent being the lack of sleep. The human body requires a sound sleep of 7-8 hours to gather oneself from the tiredness of the day and to generate the energy required for the next day. It is important that you sleep well in the night so that you do not feel lazy due to lack of sleep.

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Take a good meal:

A proper meal is the best way to combat laziness. Our meals are our source of energy. It happens quite often that we skip our breakfast, lunch or dinner due to workload. It’s a blunder to do so as we drain out our energy and get tired quickly. So, meals must be taken properly without skipping.

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Don’t Exhaust Yourself:

Sometimes, we get so much involved in our work that we forget everything else in its wake. Ultimately, we end up exhausting ourselves and start to feel tired and lazy. We must take little breaks in between our work. It will help us to refresh our mind and can work with even more enthusiasm by containing our energy.

Avoid rambling:

The biggest factor behind our tiredness and laziness is the rambling of our mind. Our mind tends to ramble between the worries of the present and anxiety of the future. Since the mind does not get enough rest, so we end up getting tired more often than not. So, one must make sure that he/she lives in the present and forget everything about the future and the past.

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Laziness is not that big a worry as it is seen to be. True that it gets very difficult to overcome laziness. We fail even due to our repeated efforts. We start to feel guilty because we aren’t able to rectify our habit. All that is required is to take measured steps and stick to them. Once done seriously, it won’t be that big a task to defeat laziness.

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