8 Leadership experiences you didn’t know you already have

Every time we hear the statement ‘Leaders are born’ it conditions us into believing that we cannot achieve a leadership role unless born with certain set criteria. More often than not, we judge our leadership capacity by looking at the recent happenings in our work. The small but crucial incidents that contributed to molding us are forgotten easily.

The initiative you took to participate in an event or have co-coordinated in volunteering projects can definitely bring out the leadership potential in you; if you’re willing to look back at those and closely dissect the part you’ve played.

One could see that at least more than once they’ve displayed leadership qualities. Let us look at other areas in life that tested your capacity and the result has been something you’ll be proud of for a long time.

  1. Being part of sports and its impact

Playing any kind of sport is a great way to balance our mind-body synchronization. By being involved in a game that makes use of your mental as well as physical strength will help to picture your leadership skills that you’ve developed in the process.

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People who are part of such activities are always fit and enthusiastic about taking up new challenges and possess adequate amount of knowledge in building teams.

  1. The way you handled cross-cultural experiences

We start socializing at an early age, and it broadens as we move forward to colleges and universities. If you’ve relocated to a different country or city to pursue your education you must have experienced what we call “Culture-shock”.

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Instead of being bogged down by the feelings of alienation, if you overcame them by sheer determination then that is one of a kind experience that taught you well!

  1. What change volunteering has brought in you?

Volunteering is an activity taken up in order to serve the society in some way. The mindset of being responsible for the overall good is reflected in you once you’re a part of an organization that serves the people and helps in bringing out the best in everyone.

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If you’ve volunteered for a cause, then you’re already a leader!

  1. Interning and lessons learnt

Internships are another amazing opportunities, where in you can display not only your leadership qualities but also showcase your sound decision making skill. Internships are like trial periods and they determine the impact you can make in the long-run. So, make the most of the chance now.

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  1. Launching a project that is close to your heart

Be it a beginner’s blog or an amateur photography site that you’ve built, it hardly matters if they were successful.  You’ve already made them successful by crafting them out and giving it a life of its own which is the most important thing.

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Bringing out the best in you and helping others to do the same is one of the most sought out quality in leaders.

  1. Co-coordinating in a team

Have you ever been a part of a play? Or a dance competition? You’d know what I’m talking about if you had been a team player; it is only by having worked in a team that one can truly know how to lead others. A leader must also be humble enough to be a follower to let others shine.

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  1. Being a part of Student commission

If you’ve stood up in your college elections or been a part of any student commission it will make you get acquainted in dealing with people of all ages. When coordinating or co-founding a new venture these skills are bound to help and it also showcases that you’re inclined towards the overall betterment of society as a whole.

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  1. Working your way through myriad of social groups

Your involvement in groups like book clubs, theater and meditation groups can bring out the attributes that are quintessential for a leader. Becoming curious, open minded are the results of such involvements and your tolerance level will grow up a notch higher too.

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Stop thinking that you don’t have what it takes to be a leader, and look at instances where directly or indirectly you’ve been the ‘go-to’ person. Aren’t these enough to show that you’re indeed a leader in the making? Embrace the situations, give your best and see what an amazing leader you can be!


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