8 terrific jobs that do not require a degree to get in the door

These days we are hearing more and more about college dropouts and people who never went to college. This is because of the wide range of openings for people without degree. Paperwork is losing its value day by day. It is a known fact that recruiters prefer practical knowledge over good grades. This trend has led to the increase in employability of people who are not even graduates.

Web developer

web dev

There is a very high demand for freelance web developers. These people are judged mainly based on their quality of work and work experience. If one gets his career up and running, no question will ever be asked about the academic credentials of the professional, although he is technician.



As we all know, most musicians do not have a degree in that art form. One of the jobs for people with no degrees over the ages. Not exactly what you were looking for on this list but a must mention.  Although there are numerous courses offered by various universities , the success in music is driven by the passion you have for it.

Detectives and criminal investigators


There are various fields of study related to this. An expert can be hired privately or taken under contract. One of the things that governments want to have sorted out. The licence to investigate ac rime should be given to people working for the state only according to some. So far, this is another job that pays well and does not require a degree.

Ethical hacker

careers hacker

The need for ethical hackers is increasing as we become more and more dependent on the internet and virtual memory. Courses for this are available online and are useful for people who do not wish to get a college certification.



The investment for this is very high. Maybe higher than college education in some cases. But at the end of the day, a good Freelance photographer gets paid very well and it is an excellent profession if you like to travel. Travel and photography come hand in hand and is one of the most sought out profession in recent years.


career as translator

There are many certification courses for many languages, but you can be a translator without any of those. If you have proper knowledge of some of the languages and a link language, being a freelance translator is no huge deal. However, this job is being taken up by various apps and tools.

Sales representatives

sales representative

Once again, here you need skills and then there are courses to help you out. More of these things have to be done in order to become an expert. Once you get into this sector, you can reach great heights.

 Modelling and acting

career in acting

A glamorous but risky profession. There are so many possibilities here. One can start at a very low level and go anywhere he wants to. There are no limitations and a degree is probably the last thing that people look for here.

There are so many professions where you can do very well without a degree.There is much to be learnt. There is also a need for the people of this country to be more open to things like this. Some of these professions can be pursued with good enough skills. If you wish to hone your skills, you can take help from these specially made courses by twenty19.

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