9 common hobbies among college students!

Every college student acquires a special hobby to pass their free time during their college life. Twenty19 brings to you the common hobbies which most students possess! Get to know where you and your friends belong! :D

The fit-fam!


There is huge crowd who maintain themselves a lot during their college. To stay fit is their mool mantra. Exercising is their passion and they continue to do it with pride! Oh well, the outcomes of the same are really steamy. ;)

The encyclopedia!


This set of people are crazy about books and they are the only ones who do justice to their library and library card. You’ll find them in a park, staircase, classroom, hostel room and almost every plausible place with their book! They ain’t no nerds but their book is their partner in crime! :D

TV addicts & The serial killers!

atd_fg_tvOne of the most common hobbies among students is watching TV. And regarding the serial watchers, this lot are really serial killers! They could kill you if you don’t let them watch their TV shows. “Give me the remote or you’d get a knife!”, they say. They do it so much so that now watching their TV shows has turned into their hobby! (P.S. Sorry to scare you! :P )

The instrumental artist!

freshman music electric guitar on the speaker -3D gif animation blogspot

They are usually the ones who love their instrument and treat it like a priced possession. If studying wasn’t necessary they’d be literally one of their kind. Melody flows through their veins and you’ll always find them mesmerised in music.

I write.. Just write!


This lot is all set to become the next Chetan Bhagat or more. They totally believe in the the thought that their pen is mightier than the sword! You’d find them writing a blogpost, penning a poem, creating a story or simply maintaining a journal. Their words say more than their actions ever will!

The master chef!


This type of hobby keepers are usually created because of some bad hostel food. Hence, the self-experimenting feels like a better option for them. They never really make food but just transform food like Maggie into something more tasty! :P

The social saint!


This lot is really looking for something productive to do for the betterment of this country in their free time and thus, they move ahead by joining an NGO! They volunteer with all their heart and make sure the cause spreads awareness! :)

Projects and Innovation


Some students are so engrossed in their academics that their hobby grows to be doing projects. Not to sound biased but these kind of students really stand out of the crowd. Doing research on something they like is what they do and Innovation is what they breathe.

Surely, all you guys must have seen 3 idiots. Well, this slot resembles Rancho!

The time-passers!


Well, We guess the title explains itself. :P This species does nothing beneficial during their free time. You’ll spot them loitering around, getting lazy, buzzing friends to come join along to gossip useless things and the like. If not anything, they’ll be all cozy in their bed having an awesome sleep! :D

So, this majorly sums up all the type of common hobbies you’ll find in people in your college! Don’t even deny the fact that you’re one of them. ;)

Have fun! :D

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