Organises Workshop, Helps his friends to shape their career! – A Doer’s Story


Abhishek a Campus Ambassador of Twenty19 from JNNCE,Shimoga organised the Twenty19 “How To Get Internship” workshop in his college. He showed a great level of Interest and made the workshop a grand success.

Here is his story on how he made the mountain look so simple.


Abhishek jnnce (2)1.How was the whole experience of organising the workshop?

It was the first event that I conducted on my own in my college. Till then I used to be associated with other groups and look after with the event management.But this time it wasn’t that way.

Starting from taking permissions from the college management,Planning the schedule,Working on the event management,Publicity of the event and much more.


2.What motivated you to do the workshop?

The placements in our college is just average like 50-55% of the students will be placed normally per batch. I was thinking the reason for this. That was the time when the webinar from Mr.Karthik was done for all the CA’s.

This webinar gave answers to almost all of my questions, Because of internships,many are being placed in their dream company, many of them are finding their dream come true.If a student has such experience, then it’ll be like a cherry on the tip of a cream.This motivated me to organize this workshop.

The placements in our college is just average like 50-55% of the students will be placed normally per batch. This motivated me to organize this workshop.

3.What did you learn from organizing the workshops?

SMART THINKING!!! This is what I learnt from this event.I needed to tackle many situations like my exams the previous 3 days to the event, the participants doubts regarding the workshop, the benefits for the student community from this workshop are the few main things.

4.As a participant what do you have to say about our workshop?

As a participant I would like to say that the workshop was framed very well.The interactions done by Karthik sir, the examples of other students that he gave during the workshop were really motivating. I’m eager to do many projects and implement my skills.

5. Your 3 tips for the organisers community?

  • Always think positive, Let the number speak out your success,don’t listen to rumors.
  • Don’t be afraid of bringing a change that is required. You be the change that the society needs.

Don’t go with the brand name.Go by the experience & opportunity that are provided to learn.

6. Why did you choose Twenty19?

Twenty19, Its a company which is giving all the exposures that a student need to have during his/her student life.It provides all the opportunity to broaden our social network, Because of twenty19 we can exchange our ideas and bring them into existence as the organizers are very helpful on this.


Organize Twenty19 Workshop in your college / fest and become a DOer!

Become a DOer!

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