How To Adjust To Hostel Life- Tips for Freshers

New to hostel? Here's how you can start adjusting to your new lifestyle!

How To Adjust To Hostel Life- Tips for Freshers


Moving to hostel can be a very daunting change in your life. Many of us will be living alone for the first time without the luxury of our mother’s constant attention. Scary as this may sound, staying in hostel is a wonderful experience of its own once you get used to the many nitty-gritties of staying in a building with strangers. Here are a few tips to help you start adjusting to your soon-to-be awesome life in hostel.

  1. Don’t forget the small things


Everybody remembers to pack the important things like clothes, books and laptop but in all the confusion you tend to miss out the smaller things that you will definitely need. Here are some things you can start adding to your list:

  • Washing powder
  • Hand wash (Trust me you’ll need this)
  • Glass, plate/bowl and spoon
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Scissors
  • Footwear for bathroom (Yes you will need this too) and more
  1. Get used to sharing (1)

In hostel no possession is safe anymore. People will borrow your things with or without your permission and you can either learn to adjust or you can keep your more valuable items safely locked up at all times.

  1. Hang out with your roommates

Your roommates will be your rocks when troubled winds come calling down the semester and you should do the same for them. Make an effort to talk to your roommates and spend time with them. Who else will give you their share of sweets from the mess hall?

  1. Ignore the noise!


You can no longer harbour any expectations for a quiet environment when you are studying or sleeping. Practise both these activities in noisy environments before coming to hostel or come equipped with the best noise-cancelling headphones that you can get.

  1. Keep a safety cache


Hostel life with friends is one which makes any money you have magically disappear. It is good to develop a habit of keeping track of your expenses. Regardless, always keep a small amount for emergencies in a safe place under lock and key. This way, you aren’t left wanting when you really want to get an ice-cream from the canteen.

  1. Stock up on home-cooked food


However much they try, mess halls can never replace the sumptuous home food that we have grown up with. Whenever you go home or go out, try and bring back some food or snacks for the next 2 days until you have to face the dreaded mess hall again.

  1. Be friendly


Living in a hostel means adjusting with people who have personalities and opinions different to ours. Be polite and friendly to your classmates, seniors, wardens and hostel staff and avoid any conflict.

  1. Plan essential activities


Living in hostel entails with it certain activities like washing clothes, washing water bottles and cleaning combs. Now that you don’t have your mother to remind you of such tasks, it would be helpful to decide on a weekly or monthly dates for such activities. This way, you can plan your other activities without having to suddenly realize that you don’t have anything to wear because you forgot to wash your clothes the previous day.

  1. Take the stairs


Unless you are an athlete or sports person, most people tend to ignore their physical health once they join hostel. A simple way of maintain basic physical fitness would be to take the stairs wherever you go and walk across the campus as much as you can. After all, there’s no easier exercise than walking.

  1. Have fun!


Moving into hostel with a whole host of new friends is a great chance for you to spread your wings and come out of your shell. Talk to people, make new friends, try new activities and make the most of this experience. In a nutshell, have as much fun as you can!

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