“I always had a fear that I would be fired!”- Bhavya Poddar

Bhavya Poddar studies at Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Delhi. Her alternate interests and love for literature made her intern as a Content Writer at many different platforms like “Respect Women” and “Cerebrate Content.” She even interned as an author at “You Only Read Once.” Her work from home internship at Cerebrate Content tells more about her journey. Read on..

What were your main responsibilities as an intern?

My responsibilities included writing content for various upcoming websites and organisations basically involved with e-commerce and web development. I was expected to formulate my write up in the desired number of words according to the given guidelines and revert them back to the editors.

Why did you want to do this internship? What did you learn from it?

I am a very keen writer and this company gave me the right platform to learn and explore my interests. Hence, I chose to do it.

Through this internship, I first and foremost learned to manage my time and priorities.

 I was supposed to revert back within a given deadline and I made sure I didn’t miss it each time. Apart from this, I learnt the various aspects of content writing and how one needs to be crisp with what they choose to write on.

What was the impact that you made as an intern? What was the best thing about your whole internship?

My work was supposed to be attractive, catchy and highly informative at the same time. I surely made a fine impact by doing so appropriately. The excellent support from the hiring company was the best thing about my internship.

What you felt before and after the internship?

Formerly, I always had a fear that they would fire me! (Phew! Thank heavens, they didn’t. :D) The supportive assistance received by the hiring company was truly appreciable. I felt great and proud about myself after the internship.

Make hay while the sun shines!

P.S.: Bhavya has started.

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