An expert’s view on robotics!- Interview with Mr.Saransh Vora

Interested in robotics? Want to know how it feels like being a robotics engineer? We bring you an interview with Mr. Saransh Vora, The face behind Twenty19’s robotics course.


1. What inspired you to take up robotics?

The first thing got me to take up robotics was seeing my cousin working on an electronics based project. I decided, that day, to get into electronics. A machine never makes mistakes. Plus every day you get to see new technologies being introduced to us related to this field be it programming, sensing or actuating. This got me involved in the field of robotics.

2. How did you get started in this field, and what do you think has made you successful throughout your career?

I started off at thinklabs as an embedded associate. I was exposed to many fields. I interacted with different people who have excelled in their respective fields and gained experience from them. A curiosity for knowing how things work, and researching it for many hours has helped me be successful.

3. How has robotics changed in the past few years?

It has changed drastically in last few years. Earlier there were robots only in industries; making products. But now they’re entering households! Vacuuming the house, cooking, greeting people when they enter the room… Even in cars like the Google autonomous self-driven car is available now. Then there’s asimo,  Boston Dynamics’ Bigdog, petman and so much more.

4. What are the latest trends in your field? What do you think is the future of robotics?

The latest trend in the field of electronics is IOT (Internet of things). In this one electronic device communicates with another. In the near future experts are developing cars that will talk to each other. In the future of robotics we can have robots communicating with each other for better accuracy.

6. Narrate any experiences you had while learning the ropes of your field that you would like to share with the students
I was at a university once teaching a group of students about robotics, there was this one student who was so enthusiastic in what he did. Almost every day he made one project at home and showed it to me the next day. That is the level of learning we all should achieve. The student did make many innovative and good projects. This helped me a lot. I improved myself and got more passionate about this field.

It was very interesting listening to Mr.Saransh’s experiences about robotics. The world of robotics is rapidly growing. Make the most of it. Take up Twenty19’s robotics course and give life to your ideas!

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