Are you Ready to Find the Perfect Internship for Yourself?

Internship opportunities are always there, but how to find the perfect internship that’s a perfect fit for you?

Puttu swamy always want to do an internship but didn’t know why? He always thought of doing internship and looked for it day and night on all platforms that he could find. He applied to all the internships he saw but Never got one. 
Because Puttu Swamy never had a focused goal, he was raging on all internships and on all internships platforms rather than knowing what he wants, So the question is do you know what you want?

Finding the perfect internship:

What do you want?
What is that you want? Is the simple question yet a lot of understanding is needed.

Knowing what you want and then applying for an internship is better than the puttu swamy approach towards internship. If you know what you want the rest is all easy, just picking the best out of the choices.

For example if you are an engineer of computer science and want to be a software engineer in future, the goal is “Software Engineer” look for internships related to software engineering or if you want to be a Business Developer and yet are an engineer the goal is to be Business Developer so look for business development internship or you want to be a writer and yet you are an engineer, look for content writing internships.

Get more knowledge :

Now, You have a goal & you have to work towards it.
How to reach the goal?

  • Read more about it: Read articles – There are lots of online magazines and websites that provide information about education, News Papers have a separate section for education (Eg. The Hindu – Education Plus) get on a regular practice of reading it.
  • Google it: The best way to find anything, Google about the top mechanical engineers or car designers or latest mechanical robots or what ever you want – you will get it.
  • Ask who already are there: Ask people who already are what you want to be- Don’t hesitate, people always want to help as long as you don’t pull the conversation with unrelated questionnaires.
  • Learn online Courses: There are many online courses on internet, look for relevant and build your skills.
  • Ask professors, teachers: Professors can help you know more, about the exams or institutes and they may even suggest you according to your personality. Trust me they may look inattentive, but they always keep observing.
  • Do everything: Try out everything in order to know most about your goal – Be on a hunt all the time :D

As you know more about what you want, you will have a better understanding towards it.

If you think something you like or something you can do – Just do it. Do it and see for yourself if that’s what you really like.

When you are able to understand your own interests better, you have a better understanding of your goals and there by applying for right internship & work towards your goals.

Do different internships and experiment your interests.

What do you want? Get knowledge on what you want, Experiment and Apply – The steps which Mr.Puttu Swamy didnt follow before applying for internships :D

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There by finding yourself a perfect internships :)

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