The benefits of being an intern when you are in college

Internships are one of the most sought after by college students. Students, till they get into 3rd year, hanker for getting an internship at a company. This is down to the benefits provided by the companies to the students for a short term. The students enjoy many luxuries and gain valuable experience that helps them in the future. 

The importance of such schemes can easily be demonstrated by the recent actions of the government to make 3 internships mandatory for many students. We shall tell you why that is going to be lot of fun.

Interns get paid

intern payment

Most internships are supposed to pay students. This has many benefits:

  • Making your own money for the first time is a great feeling. It encourages you to move on and become more and more self sufficient.
  • An intern can have a little more fun. There is that extra bit that you are ready to spend when you know that you have earned the entirety of what you possess.
  • You can invest that money in your own projects.

Work experience


An intern gets a lot of work experience which is different from the environment that you get in college or research facilities. In-office work greatly sharpens your skills and helps you do some quality work at the end of the period of internship. This is a very big thing to be considered before applying for jobs. A student with work experience is highly rated in a corporate environment. Work related to your field of studying is of immense value in such cases.

Improves your CV

CV in interview

Very similar to the above point. It makes your CV look more attractive and helps for off campus recruitment drives as well as on campus. Completing an internship at a top company puts you ahead in the recruitment process and also helps if you have to apply to foreign universities.

Connections created by an intern


An intern has to interact with different people at the employing organisation. These connections may help in the long run and will help you get your name out there. Try keeping up with these people on LinkedIn. This will help you go a long distance in the future. Getting letter of recommendations from such people in the future or using someone’s acquaintance as a reference on your application can work wonders if done properly. This is a huge perk of being an intern and one that many do not use properly.

Landing a full-time job offer

Full-time job

Many internships end up being full time jobs. What else do you want? Having a job in hand can change the rest of your college life. This will boost your confidence and let you hone your skills for the remaining time in college and be free from all tensions of getting a job or getting into a top college. This puts you in a very good position for the end of your academic career.

There are many ways in which being an intern can help you in college. Starting off as an unpaid intern can lead to an internship at a huge organisation. Interns with a solid recommendation can easily nail down jobs at different companies and concerns.

Choosing the right internship for your field and ability may prove to be a hard task and one may be deceived very easily. You can look up suitable internships at twenty19, here. Always be on the lookout for such openings- you never know what clicks.

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