Breathing Innovation

Meet Mohan – 2nd year student at SRM University – Student Innovator, Entrepreneur and multiple innovation award winner. Read all about Mohan and how he learns and innovates…

Tell us about your initiative/activities…

I am an innovator. I have created 4 devices and got 3 National and 6 State awards for innovation and research. My innovation projects are: 1. Herbal mosquito repellent. 2. Speed breaker based power generation through crystals. 3. Novel mobile detector sensing alarming and reporting system. 4. Mobile controlling devices for vehicles.

What motivated you to take these initiatives?

While I was in school, I liked to take part in science exhibitions. For 3 years continuously I did not win a prize. I had a final chance in 10th standard. My botany teacher Amuda madam told me: “There are many problems in our society, why can’t you try to solve those problems?” I started thinking and I found out about the disease “Chikungunya”, and I found a solution for that. This motivated me to continue working on more solutions and devices.

What roadblocks did you hit? How did you overcome them?

I hit many roadblocks with regard to financial support and technical support. My diploma education was sponsored by my districts’ ex minister Mr.Chinnasamy. The Novel ‘mobile detector sensing alarming and reporting system’ was sponsored by my district collector Dr.UmaMaheshwary. And, my engineering education is sponsored by SRM UNIVERSITY (college fees and hostel/food fee waived)

And what were the high points?

Some of the awards I received are: Young Innovator Award 2008 @ IIT MADRAS, Best Project Award 2009 @ UGC NEWDELHI, Best Paper Award 2010 @ IYSC CHENNAI, Best Innovator Award 2010 @ IIT MADRAS, INNOMINDS Award 2010 @ SRM UNIVERSITY, Young Achiever Award 2009 @ TRICHY, Vivekanandar 2008 @ MADURAI

How did you balance your initiatives with college, exams, friends and hanging out?

I study only before exam days. But, I’m regular to college, so I don’t worry about exams. In the remaining time, I work on my innovation projects. I spend time with my friends and films for one day a month.

Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

I plan to start my own company. You can see me as a best entrepreneur and also as a best innovator. I also want to do my research at a foreign university.

Did you do an internship last summer? If yes, where? What’s one awesome thing you learned at the internship?

Yes I did my internship at IIT Madras working with Apple iPhone for the last two months. I learnt many things like: ‘How to work with a team? ‘, ‘What are the current updates in technology?’, ‘How will a company’s infrastructure be?’ And more such.

What is your favorite book of all time?

India 2020, Wings of Fire, Who will cry when you die

Whose blogs/tweets do you follow?

Prof.Anil K Gupta from IIM, Ahmedabad

Any favorite / inspiring movies?

3 Idiots, Chak de India , Endhiran

Do you play any sport? Any other interests/pastimes?

I am interested in debate/oratory, Rifle shooting (gun shooting) and drawing.

Which inspiring personality would you like to have dinner with?

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. There are many engineers, political leaders, doctors and scientists in India, but only he envisions and talks about India 2020.

What’s your favorite quote for students like you?


Follow Mohan on Twitter @mohankarur121

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