“The Interns not only had a basic understanding about the product but also had the right attitude of accepting challenges” – Omar Siddiqui

About grabHalo

grabHalo is a location-based messaging app. It is  focused on helping us meet new people anywhere in the world. Unlike other messenger apps which lets us communicate with people only in our contact list, grabHalo lets you see where people are on a map, and message new people.

Our messaging service allows our members to contact new people anywhere in the world by drawing a circle
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Top 5 Internship Trends !

The Season of Summer is here ! 

This is the time where massive pool of students look for Summer Internships and the best chance for companies to pick and choose students of their choice and requirements. 

Here are the Top Five Internship Trends 

Summer Internship Window –  A lot of colleges have implemented a mandatory summer internship window for students. There are more colleges that
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Planning to Hire an Intern? Check out Top Tips for a Successful Hire !

Hiring relevant candidates for your internship role is an extremely crucial aspect of making an internship program work.

Dealing with misfits in your organization is like a cat and mouse game.

Here are  the Top Tips to Hire the Right Intern !

Start Early – Many times, companies are in urgent need of an intern and hires anyone who shows interest, irrespective of the
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“Interns were a great help in the day to day operations of the Company”- Tarang Agrawal

Tarang Agrawal, Founder of SmashReport speaks to us on how interns were a great help in the day to day operations of the company and also on the hurdles he faced as a startup. About SmashReport

SmashReport is an interactive sports social media network intended to serve global sports enthusiasts. The SmashReport website is a platform for global fans to come together share/discuss their views on the game. Apart from
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Report Released – India Internship Report 2013

How can interns help my company? Which roles would I get interns to work in my company? What stipends should I give them? When are students available to work in my company on an internship?

Are these a few questions in your mind? 

Releasing – the  India Internship Report 2013 – a report that gives you data and insights about the Internship Trends in India.

In the last
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“Intern hiring is more easier and effective than hiring full timers” – Prince Goel

Prince Goel, Co- Founder of Madbooks speaks to us on the crunch he faced in finding the right set of hires and also on how intern hiring is more easier and effective than hiring full timers. About Madbooks

Madbooks is an online solution for sale and purchase of old books. We work by and believe in the motto – “Knowledge is never old”.

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“We strongly felt that converting interns into full time employees will be a twin benefit for the company as well as the interns ” – Anand Koti

Anand Koti’s passion and dedication to bring in a massive social change in the society brought  Colorss foundation into existence in 2008. Here, he speaks to us on the knots he faced on finding the right set of candidates being an NGO.


About Colorss Foundation

Colorss Foundation is an organization that works among children and women empowerment. We are trying to induce unconscious techniques
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“Interns were a quick fix to our problems” – Leo Shastri, Webmuch

Leo Shastri, Director at Webmuch Software speaks to us on the challenges that he faced as a startup and how interns were a quick fix to them.


The Essence


Webmuch Software is a creative digital agency based in New Delhi, India. We bring innovative ideas to life for start­ups, create online avenues for new and existing businesses, help managers better manage their business by providing supporting software.
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Sales lessons from the chai walla!

We have an entreprising ‘Chai Walla’ from Bihar, who delivers hot cups of tea right at our office desk. Along with delivering tea, he also delivers great Sales lessons every day.  Am a big fan of this man. Here are some of the lessons he taught us

Use all the senses to sell : This guy always has an elaborate ritual of transferring the tea from the flask
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Combat talent crunch with Internships

Times Ascent (Wednesday, 12th December) published an interesting article on the predicted talent crunch that India Inc. is facing. The article talks about how MNCs in Indian are finding it extremely difficult to find talented people to work with and how the trend will continue for the next few years.  Read the entire article here.

Internships to the rescue :

Can the trend be
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