4 Skills you Need Before you Enter The Corporate World

Imagine its the first day at your office and you go tell your manager “Hey, dude whats up?.” He stares at you. And then in the afternoon your manager tells you to fill the data in that spread sheet & you say “damn, whats a spread sheet?” He looks at you with the fiery eyes. Then in the evening when you are in a meeting with
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Economics Expert Divya Agrawal talks about Economics & its Current Scenario

Usually people come to us asking about economics, its career prospects and other stuff, we tell them what it is, but they ask more and we cant really help them. So, to understand economics better and tell the students what its all about we had an email interview with Twenty19 expert Divya agrawal.

Divya Agrawal is an economics expert & creator of macro economics course on Twenty19. She
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Why are we Afraid of GD & Interview? Expert talks about it.

As mountain dew ad says “dar ke aage jeeth heh.” you can say “GD and interview ke aage job heh.”

You can probably create an awesome resume sitting at home (Free resume guide) thinking through all day and maybe show it to your elder cousin to edit it in a better way and then you submitted that bold resume with all honors and degrees and self
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Are you Ready to Find the Perfect Internship for Yourself?

Internship opportunities are always there, but how to find the perfect internship that’s a perfect fit for you?

Puttu swamy always want to do an internship but didn’t know why? He always thought of doing internship and looked for it day and night on all platforms that he could find. He applied to all the internships he saw but Never got one.  Why? Because Puttu Swamy
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Part-Time Internships you can apply this month | August-2014 |

You are running between college & home everyday and not finding time at all, but still thinking about doing an internship and get that experience? Well, here’s how you can do it.

Work from home Internships

With this Internships you can schedule the work of internship at your free time and manage both college and internship, there by the work as well as the study at
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Top 10 College Fests you have to Check out in August & September 2014

Remember the last time you attended a Fest with your friends? You were hanging around in that college, doing all that crazy stuff? Yes? Well, the fests season is back.

Bring all that energy out and launch yourself out of your busy classes & land into these awesome fests in India . “Twenty19 Top 10″ – Events

1) Esya 2014   (22 – 23 August 2014)

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Learn Virtualization through Twenty19′s New Vmware course

Welcome to Virtualization

The word virtual means not real. To virtualize means to create virtual version of something  physical.

In VmWare virtualization means to have computers run multiple applications there by organizing of data in simple and efficient way. Virtualization helps to:

1) Remove dependence on physical hardware

2) Increase the system’s working speed

3) Store and access data from any location

There by ALL
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New Online Course: AutoCAD 2014 by Twenty19!

Now you can learn AutoCAD 2014 on Twenty19. Watch the intro video below:

About AutoCAD 2014:

Autodesk’s AutoCAD is a Computer Aided Designing software to design 2D & 3D structures. To explain in simple words, this software will do the work of an engineering drafter on your computer. AutoCAD 2014 is the latest version of the AutoCAD software. It is used in many fields like mechanical engineering, civil
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Startup vs. MNC vs. NGO: Which internship should I choose?

Almost all students know that doing internships during college is important. But choosing the right internship is what will ultimately shape your strengths and help you to use your skills effectively.

The 6 key parameters a student should look while choosing an internship:

1) Brand recognition 2) Responsibility offered 3) Learning exposure 4) Networking options 5) Stipend provided 6) Work culture.

Internships can be classified based on the
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Love Analytics? Learn Google Analytics on Twenty19!

Billions access the internet everyday.

Whether you agree or not, internet has become a major part of our lives. Everything is on the web. Be it data, communication or even our personal identity. Numerous websites glare on your screen everyday to demand your attention, convincing you that they’re the right website to use, interact and follow. Websites need to know who viewed their page, where they
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