Completed college but not placed? Go for Internships

I’ve completed my college. I have my degree. But, I’m not placed! What do I do? –  is a common place for many students to be in. Mainly because, most colleges manage to place only a part of the students who wish to be placed. During this period, most students are probably enrolling themselves into many courses which promise good placements or stay at home applying for jobs through a hundred means.

What is wrong with this?

  • The more number of months you spend without a fulltime occupation, the more your market value goes down. It gets tougher for you to explain the gap, thus proportionately decreasing your chances of landing a job
  • Most courses are just an eyewash and attending multiple courses is not considered a full-time occupation

What could you do instead?

Choose to intern or do a full-time project for a company or an organization, even if they may not be willing to pay you. Most smaller companies and start-ups will be willing to give you this opportunity. This has multiple advantages

  • This will count as your full-time occupation, and you can explain the gap when you get a job elsewhere
  • This company that you are interning in will most likely consider you to become their full-time employee based on your performance during the period.
  • It would take the pressure off you and give you more time to apply to the right places

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