How to Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile

This article is a guide on how to create an attractive LinkedIn profile

linkedin-blunders1Living in a competitive world makes it imperative for the individuals to seek out employment by also creating business profiles on various online platforms. Speaking of that, LinkedIn is one of the most popular businesses and employment-oriented social networking services that not only allows you to be in touch with people you know professionally but also helps to attract a lot of job opportunities. Despite it being a professional abode accommodating around 500 million+ members, one needs a little bit of expertise and technical know-how to use LinkedIn to his/her advantage.

Creating a profile alone on LinkedIn will not suffice. While there are users who hardly ever check on their LinkedIn profiles, there are others who want to use it on a professional basis but lack the technical know-how for the same.

Hence below are the 10 tips on how to create a Killer LinkedIn Profile:

1) Explore LinkedIn:

While your excitement to start out with a LinkedIn profile can be understood, don’t plunge headlong into it. Take some time to explore various features and options it offers. It’s not mandatory to create a full-fledged profile itself on the day you find LinkedIn. Rather take some time to explore and understand the interface.


2) Select wisely:

While signing up with LinkedIn, you will be asked several questions in the process of creating a profile. It might seem like a tedious and a boring procedure. Make sure you select your options wisely rather than skimming casually over them. Remember LinkedIn analyses you on the basis of your answers and preferences. So choose wisely.


3) Update your profile:

While completing your resume on LinkedIn, remember to furnish your profile with the latest information. Again, make sure to use accurate information and don’t treat it as a joke. point 3

4) Put a display picture:

Believe it or not but a proper display picture attracts a lot of recruiters and potential clients to your profile. By this we do not mean that you need a scintillating party picture with fancy poses. Make it decent and professional enough to attract the recruiters. Face connotes to identity. Hence use an appropriate picture that complements the information on your resume.

point 4

5) Pay attention to your profile summary:

Always write your summary in first person keeping in mind the target audience because it is one of the most important elements in your profile. Use simple and attractive ways of articulating a phrase or sentence in those 2,000 characters . For instance, instead of writing “I managed a team of 12 members,” you can write: “I was able to attract and hire quality talent to round out my team which exceeded the sales goals by 17 percent.”

profile-summary-36) List your achievements:

If you want your summary to stand out, list some of your biggest achievements to grab the attention instantly.

image027) Pay attention to the presentation:

In order to make things easier for those viewing you on LinkedIn, make your profile attractive by including images, videos, and documentaries. Its one of the best ways to create a visual portfolio along with a standard resume information on LinkedIn.


8) Add relevant links:

If you have a blog or website related to your career interest or the field you are interested in, make sure to attach the links in your profile. This acts as a sample to the recruiters before they express any interest in your profile. For example, if you have any sample articles to depict your content writing skills, attach them to your profile.


9) Reach out for the recommendations:

The best part about LinkedIn is that based on the information provided, it connects you instantly with your past colleagues and associates. Keeping in mind that recommendations are the currency of LinkedIn, reach out to these people for their recommendations.


10) Complete your profile:

There are users who keep their profiles on LinkedIn hanging midway by keeping them incomplete.This is not a good practice, especially on a platform like LinkedIn. Update your information and use status updates to share relevant content.A profile complete in all the respects not only catches attention but also shows how career-oriented and focused you are.


So follow these tips to create a stellar LinkedIn Profile for yourself today.

Also, check out the video below on how to create a Complete LinkedIn Profile:

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