Navigating through politics in office- the biggest challenge for a budding professional

Most of us are students looking to enter the corporate world shortly after graduation. Once we get there, we lose this enthusiasm and feel like student life was better. This is according to a vast number of professionals who feel the exact same way. One of the biggest reasons why this happens is “office politics”. It is a wretched practice that can even make the strongest shake from their roots. Here are some the very important tips to get you through the initial stages at your workplace


  • Never take sides: Always remain neutral. Making yourself a marked man is never a healthy way of dealing. Whenever there is a debate or misunderstanding between colleagues, make sure that you do not take sides. Always value merit over everything else.


  • Achieving mutual benefit should be your goal: There is no winner or loser in the same group. Always try to get yourself a solution that will help all parties concerned. This sends a message to the hierarchy about your leadership skills and makes your colleagues respect you as a problem solver. A person who can settle any problem by satisfying everybody is an immense asset to the chair. This gives you a reputation that makes you a much-loved character among your peers.


  • Be patient and humble: Always listen to people before you make a move. A mammoth problem among people is the unwillingness to listen to another person. Understand the views of other people before making your point. The best way to do this is being patient and maintain a humble approach.


  • Do not gossip: There are always certain people in every group who gossip. Do not indulge in those activities. Make sure that you are not part of anything that demeans another person. Try to identify such people and maintain a strictly professional relationship with them.


  • Never resort to sycophancy: Never be that person who is the boss’s lapdog. It is the worst way to behave inside an office and every single being at your workplace will invariably dislike you.This is a highly disregarded trait. This is a dreaded practice and should definitely be avoided.


  • Do your documentation properly: Keep your records straight and detailed. Make sure that no fact can be twisted in any way in order to play any dirty games. The best way to counter someone trying to twist the facts is maintaining proper proof of the facts.

Office politics is very hard to deal with. To get some in-office experience before actually working, go to this page.

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