Why Debating is a Healthy Learning Process

How debate can be a great addition to your skill set

Why Debating is a Healthy Learning Process

Schools these days offer a plethora of co-curricular activities for students to pursue, from traditional classes like art and dance to the more modern options like woodwork or mime. It’s hard to decide which activity to indulge in when the options are so varied. One of the more conventional avenues is debate and here’s why debating may be a healthy choice.


  1. Develops confidence

Debating is usually done on stage in front of an audience. If you choose to start debating, you can be assured that by end of the month you will no longer have your erstwhile stage fear or lack of confidence. Debating nurtures your self-confidence as you practice your ability to address a crowd and spontaneously answer rebuttals. It a good exercise that will bode you well when you are required to address an audience from a leadership role in your career. It is also an exercise that will help you learn to “agree to disagree”, a skill that is definitely needed in the workplace today.


  1. Improves language skills

It is important in debate to have a good command over your language so that you can put across your points clearly. The more you debate, the more sophisticated your language will become. In today’s world, good language skills play a great part in first impressions as most people are immediately judged by how they speak English. Choosing to participate in debate will help hone those skills.


  1. Builds good research habits

The topics chosen for debate usually involve field specific topics that require you to look up facts or statistics. The preparation you do for a debate will build in you a healthy and organized work ethic as you learn to be prepared for any question in that domain. You will learn to collect relevant data, organize them as required and know when to use them during the debate.


  1. Improves memory skills

Most debates do not allow speeches to be read from paper. Even if note cards are allowed, the judges do not appreciate you reading from them often as they expect you to know your material. This way debates will develop your memory skills such that one keyword can help you recall a whole concept, example or point you want to get across. Developing your memory skills will aid your performance both at school and later on at work.



  1. Enhances GK

Preparation for a debate doesn’t begin just the night before. Most debaters have to keep up with current events in politics, technology and humanitarian issues in order to give their best in a speech. Building a daily habit of reading the newspapers or watching the news will enhance your general knowledge which is always useful. One will be better equipped to write college essays or attend college interviews and group discussions with a good general knowledge base.


  1. Looks good on your resume

Lastly, being part of a debate club or team and participating in competitions is a great addition to your resume. It shows colleges and companies that you are confident, have leadership skills and are well-read. Moreover, the speaking skills you have honed while debating will help you integrate yourself into a new environment when moving to college or joining a new workplace.


Although there are many activities to explore, debate is a healthy option with many advantages. Hopefully after reading this article, you may go on to become an avid debater!


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