Definition Internship

I’m compelled to write this because, through my interactions with Indian students across different educational backgrounds and cities, I have discovered that most of them are not familiar with the term “internship”. This is mainly because, in India, students across different cultural backgrounds use different terminologies, ranging from training to summer project which is equivalent to the word internship.

In brief, internships are an opportunity for students to work with an organization for a short duration (2 weeks to 6 months) during their course-breaks or during weekends and off-college hours. This platform enables mutual value addition to both companies as well as the students. Internships could be paid (stipend) or un-paid. The internships could be executed by students by being physically present in the company’s office or by working from their campus/home (virtual internship).

Here are a few commonly used terminologies used for internships in India :

-Project / Final year project / Summer Project

-Summer internship / Summer training

-In-plant training/ industrial training


-Volunteer in an NGO/Other organization

-Part-time jobs, campus jobs, student jobs

Will keep adding to this list as I discover more terms through my further interactions with students.

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