“You dont have to wake up 7 in the morning, get dressed up and go to a classroom anymore to learn” says this CT student

Sri Priya Dharshini is one among those aspiring young minds who has done online trainings with Twenty19 . Read on to find what she has to say about her learning experience with Twenty19

1. Can you tell us about yourself? (name, college, course, workshops attended, internships, symposiums and other achievements you have)

I’m Sri Priya Dharshini.M from SNMV CAS studying B.Sc Computer Technology. I have attended numerous workshops organized in our college as well as in other colleges. The noteworthy ones are .Net Programming and Hardware Systems and Software Installations that were organized in my college.

2. What is your passion in life?

My passions in my Life is music and dancing. I have participated in almost all the dance competitions conducted in my school and in my college.  To me dance is not only something that keeps your health in good condition but also that of your mind. It creates a bridge between your soul and your body and gives a sense of calmness.

3. How do you kill your free time? (Tell us your hobbies)

I spend most of my time in hearing songs, chit chatting with friends and browsing the web. I have always been fascinated by things that lie deep in outer space and the mysteries they hold. Even though a CT student by profession, I spend a lot of time online reading about astronomy and all the unsolved mysteries that lie far away in the outer space

4. What are your goals that you had set for yourself? (short term goal and long term goal)?

I am the kind of girl who takes one step at a time and as far as now, my short term goal is to to concentrate on my academics and achieve good grades. I have planned to pursue my higher studies in abroad. My long term goals are to invent machines that would help the physically challenged people to perform their day to day tasks without any help from others. They are not much different from us and it is important for them to be self dependent.

5.  How did you hear about us, Twenty19.com?

I had heard about the name Twenty19 numerous times by my friends and had also saw a few advertisements in the newspaper . But I have never bothered to know about what they actually do since I did not have the need to. During my college, I was part of the organizing committee of the college fest and so I had to be more organized in the work I do. It was also necessary for me upgrade my skills and that is when I started searching for ways to improve my skills and that is exactly when the name Twenty19 rang a bell in my head.

6.  What are the online trainings that you have did so far ?

I am not entirely new to the world of online trainings. I had already done an Online Training on computer architecture and organization but that was a long time ago. Lately through Twenty19, I have completed trainings on How To Organize A College Fest , Useful Excel For Beginners and really keen on doing a few other tech based online trainings through Twenty19 portal.

7.  What have you learned from the trainings ? Have you applied the things you have learned from it ?

I was part of the organizing committee of my college fest when I had no clue about how to organize a fest . That is what drove me to Twenty19 . The online trainings were very simple and precise to the point. They were really helpful and especially the training How To Organize A College Fest helped me to organize the fest and in some cases other members of the organizing committee turned to me for help.

8.  What are the advantages of online trainings over traditional studies ?

The main advantage of Online trainings are the diversity they offer and there aint any big procedures to start learning. You can pursue the trainings at your own convenient time and pace. You dont have to getup at 7 in the morning, get dressed up and go to a classroom to learn. Whether it is 12 in the afternoon or 2am in the midnight I can open my laptop, log into Twenty19 and start learning.

9.  Why did you think you chose Twenty19.com over the other portals?

First thing is the simplicity of the portal and the free online trainings available in Twnety19. Once I completed a couple of free online trainings, I realized that it would be valuable and worthwhile to pursue other advanced and paid online trainings.

10.  Any word for the students who wish to take up online the trainings via twenty19.com?

I would really suggest students to start taking up the online trainings in Twenty19. If you are really confused if the online trainings in Twenty19 are worthwhile, you can always start with the free online trainings and you can find it for yourself.

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