Engineering student says, “Twenty19 teaches better basics than most colleges do”

Go, read on and find how Twenty19 changed his perspective and learning techniques in Engineering.

After the awe-inspiring conversation with the student from IBSAR institute of management who have done more than seven courses with us, we have met yet an another inspiration who have learnt the art of learning just so as that.

Talking to the NIT final year student, gave a clarity to us and we are sure it will be inspiring as much as it was the last week’s feature. Unlike Computer Science and Information Technology, Electronics and Electrical subjects could be a nightmare for some students. There are few papers that needs a plethora of efforts.

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For the same reason, Narendra Kumar from NIT, Agartala enrolled in few combo courses that now makes his subject knowledge outstanding. And that is why we have decided to share his success story to all the other budding engineers from Electicals and Electronics stream.


Hi Naren, Thank you for taking your time to talk to us. Can we dive directly into the session?

Sure, I am set.

Perfect, So you’ve told us that Twenty19 made you feel that you are more stronger now in your basics than you were..

Yes, it definitely is. Actually I have enrolled for Combo courses in Digital Signal Processing . I would certainly not say that these courses will replace your four years of classroom sessions but these are very basic level information which will help you abundantly to understand both your theory and practical sessions.

Great, that explains pretty much. So how did you get to know about Twenty19?

Thanks to my seniors because they are the ones who introduced Twenty19 to me. That was last summer when I have joined Summer training Programme conducted by Twenty19.

How had it influenced your life already?

Honestly, I wouldn’t say it kicked my career up but Twenty19 definitely gave me an insight about my future that I didn’t have earlier.

When there are lot of other portals, what made you to choose Twenty19? Is it the Offers that we provide?

No, not just that. I wanted to learn from a medium that will benefit me in the future and I found Twenty19 to be the one. Thanks to you!

Have you implemented the knowledge gained from the training into your projects? 

I have not yet used but fundamentals are everywhere and will surely be used in my final year project.

Would you recommend Twenty19 to your family and friends.

I will, sure. And, Good luck to all the guys who have joined and will want to join. Make use of this amazing opportunity. Thank you.

We have taken a leave for the moment from yet an another inspiration.

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