“Students need inspiration!” – Prof. Sridhar, Expert Interview

SirS.S Sridhar, a well reputed and respected professor in SRM University Chennai, has been teaching since 25 years. He completed his schooling and higher education in Madurai. In 1990, he graduated from Madurai Kamaraj University as an engineer and completed M.S in Software Systems from Birla Institute of Technology and Science in 1995. He recently completed his PhD in Artificial Neural Networks from SRM University.

In an interview with our campus ambassador Rashika Saini, Prof. Sridhar talks about his experiences as a professor and how a student should shape up his career.

Here are the excerpts from the expert interview.

How was your school life? Were you always so dedicated and bright in academics?

My school life was very much like any other average kid. I used to play a lot. I was a very average student with average grades.

What inspired you to take Computer Science as a field for specialization?

At that time, we didn’t really have many branches and options to select from. I thought that Computer Science was the most appropriate for me. Soon I started developing a liking towards the subject and in no time, it had become my passion.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

Being a professor wasn’t always a dream. I started with this profession as I was offered a role, but had a slight disliking towards it in the beginning. As I continued in the profession, I started to receive really good feedbacks from my students which made me more enthusiastic and I began updating and improving further on my methods of teaching. And today, I like my profession of teaching very much.

What are your technical fields of interest and what are your hobbies?

My technical fields of interest are Neural Networks, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and Bioinformatics. Anything, even closely related to Artificial Intelligence fascinates me. I am an appreciator of good music and I also like to read self development books. I also read books on psychology research. I like to play cricket as I have been a good cricketer in school too.

What do you want to say about the youth today and the opportunities provided to them?

The youths today are full of awareness. They know what all opportunities are available to them and how to grab them. Many people say that there is a negative change in the culture of today’s generation, but I like to see it as a positive change. It is just that the youth has now become more vulnerable which can be surely sorted out with some good and friendly guidance.

What are your views on online internships and online training?

Online training and internships surely help the students in many ways. It is a time and money saver. Especially for students who can’t afford to travel a lot and are far from the institutes, these opportunities perfectly suit them. But, at the same time, it is also important for the students to have a personal industrial experience. Internships are the best ways to get a better understanding of the corporate world.

Any suggestions or comments for the students?

Students need inspiration! Students need to be very clear in what they want today. Due to the large pool of choices, many tend to get lost and they go for the wrong options. It is important for the students to clearly define their ambition and be passionate about it. Also, the students need to have a role model, not to follow him or her but to learn from their mistakes and success. They need to be given some good advice at times.

Twenty19 would like to thank Professor Sridhar for his encouraging words and we wish him good luck. Always keep inspiring your students professor :)


Rashika Saini is a Computer science engineering student at SRM University. She has been our Campus ambassador since August 2014. She actively involves herself in event organizing and has had several experiences as an event coordinator.


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