Is Facebook responsible for bad grades? – A reality check!

In a world connected by social networking sites, there is one website which is the father of them all. Guess who? Yes, it is Facebook. Facebook is fun and wonderful, at the same time, extremely addictive. So, is this useful connector, a bad friend really? Is Facebook responsible for our sulk in grades? Read on to find out..

Facebook has over 1.5 billion users worldwide. This is 5 times bigger than the total population of the United States of America 8-O This immense reach and popularity has not come without negatives. Times have changed when parents once blamed playfulness, to now, pointing fingers at Facebook for their children’s bad grades.

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Are these allegations true? Is Facebook the real culprit or is it being made a scapegoat for our poor academic performance?

A survey was recently conducted by American psychologist and researcher, Reynol Junco to find whether Facebook was indeed, our one bad friend. Out of the 1,600 college students surveyed, only a small percentage of them showed a dip in their rankings due to Facebook use.

The survey found that freshers struggled more, juggling Facebook and academics while sophomores and higher graders found it relatively easy.

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Another strange thing that the survey found was that, even though the freshers struggled with their academic performance, it was not due to Facebook use alone. There were a lot of factors combined which led to the struggle.

Freshers have all kinds of adjustment issues. They come to college and they don’t know what to do, because they don’t have a parent or teacher telling them when to study, what to eat or when to go to bed

the survey said.

There is also an interesting fact that the survey revealed. It said that students with little to moderate use of Facebook which is approximately 100 minutes each day, were better in academics than their peers. Wow, sounds awesome huh 8-)

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Don’t get too excited yet. Here is another interesting fact, students who were extremely into Facebook performed very poor when compared to the moderate users :-P Guess the proverb “Too much of anything is good for nothing” applies even here.

So, what more? Now you know that it is not Facebook which is the real culprit behind your bad grades. May be your parents don’t know about this, or even your friends. Share this information piece and let ‘em know :-)

A quick reminder though, did you read the proverb “Too much of anything is good for nothing” above? You might need to remember that when things go a little out of control :-D

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