How a brand management firm, benefits from hiring Student Interns


About Firebrand Labs

Firebrand Labs is a Chennai based brand consulting firm that offers professional business communication solutions. With the only mission of ‘Helping entrepreneurs communicate with clarity’, Firebrand Labs has a wide range of clientele from Investment firms to Sports Management companies. The Firm handles multiple verticals of brand building viz. creating a corporate identity for the company, creating customized marketing & communication strategies and telling the story of a company’s brand through innovative mediums like internet, social media, best practices films and conventional mediums like print & TV as well.

Why we hire interns..

As a firm that sells ideas for living, fresh perspectives are very important to us. Young graduates bring freshness and a will to learn that immensely help us in our ideation process. Internships are beneficial both for the organization and the students – Any organization can definitely benefit from internships, and depending on the field they operate in, can give the right exposure to the students. Internships give a chance to engage with quality workforce at low price and it makes more sense for us to invest in them. Students come in not only with fresh ideas but with energy passion and with proper guidance, interns can deliver on projects when we don’t have bandwidth.

What interns work on at Firebrand Labs

At Firebrand labs we try to give interns the right avenues to work with. Interns work on internal projects within the company and also on real life client projects . Students get opportunities to understand the nuances of client engagements, assist partners to put together brand strategies, get hands-on knowledge on business communication & brand building and have a lot of fun in the process. We hire interns typically for:

• Visual Design work – Putting together designs for our customers – through Photoshop, corel draw etc.

• Content work – Students interested in writing – work on copy- writing, content management for client projects etc.

• Client Interaction – People friendly students are operationally involved with the client organization – handling client interactions, anchoring projects, managing client deliverables and more.

Our experience with the interns we hired

Interns at an IPL match

We hire 3-5 interns in a year and interns at Firebrand labs and have contributed significantly to a lot of internal as well as client projects. Our website was redesigned by student interns we hired. We had an enthusiastic intern working with us and after a few months we moved him into a client organization and he worked for an US based client. A student who had finished his pilot training program had some time in his hands and wanted to explore an internship with us – he joined us as an intern and has grown with the organization – we have hired him as a permanent team member at Firebrands Labs. Recently, another intern who worked with us introduced his to-be employer as our prospective client. – Thus working with interns is beneficial both ways – for us and also for the students! is unique, because of ..

Its usage – simple and neat. This works very well with us. is a great concept – Organizations should embrace the concept of internships and use of the quality of interns they get via If organizations can take the concept of internships seriously, they can benefit a lot from internships. 

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