“I was completely lost untill I found Twenty19 Internships”, says a Master graduate from Chennai

Read futher to know how internships helped Gayathri to find her what she really is.

It always is a delight to see someone reaching great heights. But what’s more delightful is when you have been their ladder helping them to do that. Yes, here is our intern Gayathri K Dileep who found her passion towards writing through us, Twenty19.com.


“When all else fails writing helps”, is a say that every writer would have told themselves a hundred of times. Gayathri, who recently had her graduation from Stella Maris, was literally and metaphorically fighting to find what she really likes to do.

We had a great time talking to her and it did help us to know where we stand and how Twenty19.com changes students’ lives once for all. Here is her story to inspire many and many!!

Hi Gayathri, Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Though we already know about you for a fair amount of time, could you please tell us about yourself for our audience?

Anytime!! So, I am Gayathri K Dileep. I did my Masters in Public Relation. Since I had an opportunity to intern with Manappuram Group of companies in the HR department for over a month as a partial fulfillment of my course, I really had a good exposure to people and the industry. Later, from another internship which Twenty19.com got me through, I identified my ceaseless love towards blogging.

When we asked Gayathri, what is her passion in her life she didn’t fail to impress us again for one more time.

To me, passion in life is all about teaching. And when I say Teaching I do not mean to become a teacher, rather I would like to teach people about ideas, cultivate them with modern thoughts and morals. Teach those who are in need of it and to all those who wish to learn.

We really want to know how do you kill your free time?

Oh! That’s always a favorite thing to do- Killing time. I actually love to experiment new things and I feel somehow my hobbies explain me as a person than my writing does, sometimes. I like doodling, nail art, and DIY crafts. Not to forget to mention, I am also a bathroom singer. Guilty as accused, yeah.

What are your goals that you had set for your life? I am sure you have interesting goals too.

Like everyone, I love my Mom. Right now, I cannot claim myself to have great driving skills. So I want to brush up that so that I can drop and pick my Mom, every time when she wants me to. But, talking of long term goals, I have long secret list. As of now, to keep it short, it would be to live the kind of life that I have always dreamed of having. Watch out!!

Great, So how did you hear about us, Twenty19.com?

Landing here was one of the best things so far. Certainly, I am not even exaggerating. So there is a girl from my class who used to keep bragging about how amazing her internships are. So I was very less occupied at that time and I badly wanted to involve in something. Basically, that’s when Twenty19.com happened to me!

Why did you think you chose Twenty19.com over the other portals?

Because.. I find twenty 19 far more user-friendly than others. It is quick, legit and has many interesting jobs to choose from.

Where did you do your first internship and brief the nature of the job and your experience?

I did my first internship with Nairsrecipe. It was a food blogging platform. I was asked to post recipes every week. Though I found it a little overwhelming in the beginning, later I liked it. Soon I was made the sub editor and then the editor where I had to screen through all the recipes sent by other interns.

If you could state 3 qualities that you have taken out from the internship, what will it be?

The first thing that I have acquired after this internship is self-realization in terms of what my passion is. Next, to be punctual and its importance. The third thing is that I understood how important is to love your job. You can only progress if you love what you are doing.

What were the challenges that you had to face during the internship and how did you overcome that?

To come up with multiple ideas was tough. Luckily, with enough research, the task became easier. It
was another challenge to manage both my classes and work. A few alterations in my daily routine helped me manage that too.

How has the internship with twenty19.com changed your insight about your future and career?

Nothing is worse than not having a clue about where we are headed. I was in the exact same position 2 years back, it was before I found out about twenty19 Internships. I was confused and completely lost. I didn’t know how to go about my life; I was bored and had plenty of time. I used to crib day and night about this to my friends and that’s when a friend of mine suggested me to try out twenty19. I was skeptical about it in the beginning as I have tried portals like these before and it never worked for me.

But I still decided to give it a shot. Trust me, it was the best decision I had ever taken. It gave me a boost of confidence that I can do it. I realized that I can manage obstacles that come my
way no matter how hard it is, as obstacles get harder I believe I get stronger. My Internship with nairsrecipe made me realize that I have a flair for cooking and hence I should do
something related to that sometime in the future as it is definitely my sidekick.

It guided me well when I was confused and didn’t know what to do with life. It gave me a purpose.
Made me feel good about myself. What more can I ask?

Any word for the students who wish to try internship via twenty19.com?

You are at the right place!! all you have to do is find your forte, search for the job, apply and twenty19 will take care of the rest. All the best guys! Thank you.

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