FREE Guide : How to Create an Effective Resume

Companies receive 1000s of resumes everyday.  A recruiter takes 12 seconds to scan through your Resume and judge you. An awesome Resume is the secret weapon to get noticed by companies – If your resume doesn’t catch their attention, it will simply be ignored.

Want to write Resumes that catch the attention of your dream companies? Here is a FREE Guide from Twenty19 to help you with just that!


FREE Guide –  How to create effective Resume

This Resume guide in the form of an online course, has been created by Karthikeyan Vijayakumar, Founder & CEO of Twenty19. This has been created with the wisdom and insights from interacting with 10000+ companies for internships. 1000’s of students have already benefited from this – they  have created their Resumes & applied for their dream jobs!.
To help more and more students benefit from this, this guide is absolutely FREE for students to use and benefit !

What you will learn through this FREE guide

  1. How to create effective and professional resume
  2. Practical Examples & templates of Resumes that get get attention of companies.
  3. Dos & Don’t s when you write your Resume
  4. Art of writing awesome cover letters

What are you waiting for? Fill the form by clicking the link below & we will email you your exclusive copy!

Good luck on creating your Resume & applying to your dream companies :)


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