“From Trainings to Internships” – My Success Story

Shivaramakrishna - Online Marketing (3)Shivaramakrishna Sriramoju is a B.Tech – Chemical Engineering graduate from RGUKT – IIIT, Basar. He is social media savvy and also loves spending quality time with people. An Amul Vidhyashree award winner, Shivaramakrishna has taken three courses on Twenty19.

Read on as he shares his courses experience with the Twenty19 team.

1. What are the courses you have taken on Twenty19?

I have done three courses on Twenty19 – Online Marketing, Tips to get Internships and Effective Resume Writing.

2. Why did you want to learn these courses?

Skills matter in the real world and that was the drive behind learning these courses

All these courses are very useful and learning them gives an added advantage over other students. I believe that every student should learn skills which give them an edge over their peers. Being academically sound does not suffice. Skills matter in the real world and that was the drive behind learning these courses.

3. What made you choose Twenty19 over other online learning portals?

Reading a few student reviews on the awesomeness of Twenty19 courses, I purchased my first course

All courses on Twenty19 come with a lifetime access, which is very useful. Even after completing the course, if doubts arise, we can always go back and clear them. I saw a few preview videos of courses and liked the way concepts were taught. After reading a few student reviews on the awesomeness of Twenty19 courses, I purchased my first course – Online Marketing. I feel I made the right choice going for Twenty19 courses.

4. Why do you think other students should learn these courses?

These courses find a lot of application in every student’s life

These courses inspire and educate. They find a lot of application in every students’ life. Learning them will aid in bagging an internship or securing a job. The video lessons in the courses make learning easy and interesting. Also, with Twenty19 offering a certificate after completion, these courses should never be missed.

5. What were your expectation before taking these courses?

I was not sure if I should go for these courses. The preview videos were so tempting and it made me take these courses. I was not sure what to expect but felt happy and relieved after taking the courses.

6. How do you feel after taking these courses?

I really feel relaxed after taking these courses. The reason I am saying this is because I was restless trying to improve my skills when I took the courses. I am glad that I have gone a notch up after learning them.

7. How was the learning experience? Did you like it?

I am happy I took these courses..through it I have bagged an internship at Bharat Oman Refineries Limited (BORL)

I really liked it. I am happy that I took Effective Resume Writing. It taught me how to create a professional resume and through it I have bagged a internship at Bharat Oman Refineries Limited (BORL), Madhya Pradesh. Online Marketing taught me everything I needed to know about marketing and Tips for Internships helped me with internships. Overall, it was a wonderful experience learning courses on Twenty19.

Shivaramakrishna Sriramoju has begun bagging internships through Twenty19 online courses. When are you going to?

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