This article guides you to get an internship at Lenovo.

How to get an internship at Lenovo?

Internships are a boon to students who are aiming to get ahead with the corporate world in the field they desired to. Those who are scouting for internships, there are a few websites like which notify regarding the internships available in a particular company.

Lenovo, which is a multinational company, opens its door in almost all the branches worldwide to the freshers and give a chance to enhance the skills they have and also provide with the field experience. Here are a few roles and qualifications you need to know in order to get an internship at Lenovo.

Lenovo is the company which is known for its innovation from the very beginning has started their business with laptop manufacturing and widened its wings to the mobile phone market, invite freshers from different backgrounds to apply for internships every year. Most of the internships offered by Lenovo are for a duration of 3-6 months.


Clubbing them under one umbrella, the whole internship can be divided into three main categories

– Internships in product development

– Internships in business management

– Internships in strategy management

Internships in product development:

Under this, the students who have a technical background are selected to work in the team of product developers and product managers. They take part in designing the hardware of the upcoming product. Writing programs for the software development also come under this category. Those who have good technical knowledge studying any year of the course can apply for the internships. Good written and communication skills are an added advantage.


Internships in business management:

As far as business management is concerned, Lenovo prefers those who are currently pursuing their MBA. Those who got selected will be working with the business analysts within the company. Some part-time internships are also available in business management stream. Product review team, customer follow-up team, price control and data analysis team are the major areas these interns will be inserted into.


Internships in strategy management:

The main purpose of strategic management is to develop and support the Corporate Strategy Team which is involved in targeting specific business segments, improving revenues with specific lines of business, identifying new business lines, etc. Of this type, there will be a huge requirement for HRs. They are not so much involved in recruiting and administrative work but concentrate on strategic planning and execution. Stream is flexible for this role.


Lenovo is a company which always believe in innovation and talent. That’s the reason they have stepped into almost all the fields of electronics. Getting into Lenovo and working with it has a good chance of landing a good job and fat salary packet in future.

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