How to identify interns who ‘deliver’ – The 10 hour task test

These are some of the typical scenarios you would have faced with the candidates after you had finally selected them to join your company as an intern

  • – The absconding one – The intern would not pick up calls or respond to emails – absconded!
  • –  Day one debacle – The intern would not turn up on day one – just when you had planned things for him
  • –  The disappearing one – The intern comes to work for a few days and realizes that it is not his/her cup of cake and disappears
  • –  The wrong one – The intern is not committed or needs a lot of hand-holding to get his/her work done

How do you address this? – Include the 10 hour task test in your intern recruitment process!

The 10 hour task test is a simple solution that has worked brilliantly for us as well as many of our clients whom we have interacted with. Here is what you do:

  • 1. With minimal effort, Shortlist 5-6 guys candidates who you think may fit into the internship role
  • 2. Give them all a task which they can finish from home – typically a task relevant to the internship role which takes them about 10 hours to finish and give them a 1 week deadline
  • 3. The ones who finish task reasonably well in one week are the ones you SELECT!
  • 4. You should even consider interviewing the candidates (if you want to) ONLY after this step



The 10 hour task test is a great way for you to find interns who are capable and committed. Best part is, the ones who pass this test are more likely to be a potential candidate for a full-time role in your company!

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