How to identify interns who “deliver”

Say you’re looking to recruit a couple of interns for a role @ your company. You would post an internship requirement and after a selection process, you would probably select 2 candidates who you think are best suited for the role.
One of the typical challenges you would have faced here (if you have already tried recruiting interns in the past) is that, after you have finally selected the interns:

  • The intern would not pick up calls/ respond to emails – absconded!
  • The intern would not turn up on day one – just when you had planned things for him
  • He decides to come to work for a few days and realizes that it is not his cup of cake and disappears
  • The intern is too lazy and needs a lot of hand-holding/sitting on his back to get work done

How do you address this?
Here is a simple solution that’s worked for us and many other companies that we have interacted with. Change your intern recruitment process a little:

  • Initially, shortlist about 5-6 guys who you think are reasonably good
  • Give them all a 1 week task (relevant to the internship) which they can finish from home
  • The guys who get the task done in the week are the ones you pick!

This might mean that the process becomes a little longer, but it is well worth finding the right catch – who you may even consider taking in for a full-time role in the future.

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