How To Stay Motivated while Studying

We always start studying with the best intentions.Things like“YES! I CAN DO THIS. I WILL study this entire textbook by tomorrow!” run through our minds. We also start things off with a bang! However, what starts with a bang, usually ends in a whimper.

But, don’t worry! At Twenty19, we have got some awesome tips to help you stay motivated while studying. And you know what? You will achieve those goals you have set for yourself well before deadlines.

Tip 1: WRITE down your goals

You may wonder how writing down goals can motivate you? Well, writing down your goals actually makes them REAL GOALS, and not just day-dreams. Write down why you want to study for an exam. There are many short and long term goals that instantly come to mind:

“Because I want to pass….because I want to get into so-and-so college…. Because I want to work at a high end company with a great salary…..because I want to make myself and my family proud”.

Whatever your goals are, just write them down. Keep that list in front of you and EVERY TIME you are tempted to sway away from your book to check out Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter – LOOK at the list. It will slap your temptation and get you back to the book. Additionally, tell someone your goals.

Tip 2: Stick motivational quotes in your workspace

Sometimes you just need a little extra PUSH to keep going. Populate your workspace with your favorite and meaningful quotations, a picture of your parents, a photo of the company you eventually want to work – or simply whatever that motivates you. Make sure that you don’t overcrowd the space and make it distracting and overwhelming. If it starts stressing you out, take down some of the photos or quotes.

Tip 3: Turn off ALL distractions

Your phone should be out of sight. If possible, your computer should not be in the room. Out of sight and out of mind. Don’t allow yourself to daydream about going outside, checking Facebook and so on.facebook put face in book and study The more you think about it, the less you will be able to concentrate.

However, you can also use these desires productively – set goals and rewards for yourself. Tell yourself – if I finish learning and understanding this chapter in (for example) 40 minutes, I can take a 10 minute break Watching TV, going on Facebook, etc. Do WHATEVER you want to do. That way, you will feel satisfied once you take your break. You will feel as though you’ve earned it!

Staying motivated for long is tough! But if you are on a purpose and desperate enough, then nothing can stop you. Hope these tips help you stay motivated!!

“Don’t Stop when you are tired, STOP when you are DONE”

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