I got a 4.5 lakhs/annum package after my internship


Kanav is currently pursuing  B.Tech. in Computer Science at the Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar; and will graduate in 2013.
He shares his experience of interning through Twenty19.com and talks about what he learnt, how he created an impact on the company (and vice-versa) and how he converted his internship to a full-time offer.

“I interned at the Antilog Consulting Pvt. Ltd, Chandigarh for a month; a company that deals with tourism, pharmaceuticals and property matters…”

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Internship Details:

Company Name Antilog Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Internship Location Chandigarh
Internship Period June 2012 – July 2012
Role SEO, SMO, Website Designing


The Internship Experience:

“My responsibilities…”

My main responsibilities were Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly website designing of the website www.antilogvacations.com, Social Media Optimization (SMO) i.e. writing Blogs, Wiki pages, Facebook pages of the company, etc. I was even asked to analyze the big travel company’s websites and develop a design for the recreation of the same.

“I learned about the tourism industry, honed my writing skills…”

The best thing was that I got to learn about the tourism industry and utilize my creativity and writing skills! It helped me define my code of conduct in the company and taught me how to perform efficiently, without affecting my colleagues.

I did not face any obstacles during the internship – in fact, the mentor and team leader, were both very friendly and were always available for support.

“The company developed my website design…”

I believe I made a big impact, as my mentor (Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal) continued to keep contact with me even after the internship and asked me to develop content for his new website. They saw an increase in their sales and he wanted to hire me. The company approved my design of their website and have also developed it.

“My dream package – 4.5 lakhs/annum…”

My CLOUD 9 moment definitely has to be the day I was offered a job, my dream package (4.5 lakh/annum). My mentor not only praised me for my work, but also said that I possessed great leadership skills and would definitely seek a prominent position in the future. To describe my internship in one word, I would say – ‘PRODIGY!’

“I picked up valuable skills…”

Some major skills I picked up at my work include – The knowledge of how a start up differs in a big company, how to deal with your boss and colleagues, how Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization work, when and where to speak during company discussions and how to respect your seniors.

I was referred to this internship by Twenty19.com and I would gladly recommend this company to my friends.

My rankings for Antilog Consulting Pvt. Ltd.:

Parameter Ranking (out of 5)
Quality of role offered/ Nature of work 4
Learning from the internship 4
Freedom/Flexibility 4
Work Culture 4
Mentoring/Guidance 4
Networking Opportunity 3
Stipend 5
Job Prospect in same company 5
Overall Experience 5


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