Travelling is more of learning rather than mere fun.

Why is it important for a student to travel alone.?

Wanderlust, travel enthusiast, tripper, globetrotter, gypsy..Have you ever come across these tags which mainly students who love to travel give for themselves? They deserve it. Because every travel enthusiast has at least a bit to convey to the world.

Travelling has become a passion for most of the youngsters taking into consideration the benefits derived from it. Main reasons being the transportation and communication systems have facilitated for their passion to explore this planet. However those who travelled alone opined that it is more exciting and challenging than travelling with friends or relatives. Listed below are a few reasons why you should travel alone.



Rejuvenates the dormant mind:

In order to exercise the absolute best powers of your mind, you need to take a break and travelling makes it rejuvenate its strength. As you concentrate on different things within the framework of your journey schedule, you keep your mind awake all the time planning for tomorrow. At the end you can have the peace of mind to concentrate on your work.


Self discovery:

Travelling alone will make you understand your strengths, weaknesses and how you are going to deal with this world. You need not be an avid traveller to discover yourself. Though you travel rarely, you get to discover something new. You come in terms with the physical fitness, emotional maturity, understanding people, culture, food etc.



Idle merriment:

As you travel alone, you enjoy yourself. If photography is your passion, there will be no one to ask you why you are clicking an absurd picture. Only you find the beauty of the picture. You enjoy being you. You pursue what you want to get out of the travel. If walking through the winding alleys of an old town brings you happiness, you do that whenever you travel. Adventures like Skydiving, hiking are more fun if pursued alone.


Philosophical enhancement:

Those mighty mountains, beautiful stone pathways, humongous oceans give us a philosophical meaning to our life. Being so minute in this world, we are gifted with the endless potentiality to bring about a greater change in this world. Then, nature becomes your best teacher.


Manage yourself singlehandedly:

Solo travelling teaches you how to manage yourself in a better way. Starting from finding shelter to managing the budget, you are the sole decision maker. Responsibility, not just for your luggage, but also for your physical health is yet another thing to manage well.

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Purpose minded:

Every time your travel may not include excursion to a hill station. Sometimes, you travel on a purpose, may be for admissions, interviews, attending conferences, etc. You shift to the purpose mode. You concentrate on the purpose of your journey and meet new people and enhance you get ready to tackle cultural shocks.


However, traveling alone make you strong as a person and handle the situation boldly. It is better late than never. So Plan for a trip and get ready to explore and endure your journey.



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