How to Improve Your Programming Skills With These Courses on Twenty19

Online courses which help you learn new programming languages on the go

How to Improve Your Programming Skills With These Courses on Twenty19


Programming is a field that regularly gets a makeover and is hard to keep up with. One day we think C++ is the language of the day and then we turn around to rave about Java instead. It is, therefore, important to keep practising and updating our programming skills to remain relevant to the industry. Various technologies keep becoming obsolete day by day and it is up to us to make sure that we acquire, hone and perfect our skills with the newest, most used and most efficient technologies in the industry. Twenty19 is a great place to start this process. Here a few courses that will help you start building your skill set.

  1. Java


Java is one of the most used object-oriented languages in the industry. Its platform independent nature provides access for its use in various systems and applications. The courses on Twenty19 teach you core Java skills that can be applied in your own project. It also helps students understand end to end programming in Java with advanced features.

To start training visit: Java for Beginners, Java Advanced

  1. C


C language is a structure-oriented programming language which was one of the first high level languages to be developed. It is used extensively in embedded hardware programming where resources are scarce. Twenty19’s course on C programming is ideal for anyone to gain an introduction to the world of programming.

To start training visit: C Programming

  1. Android


The chances of you reading this article on your Android phone are definitely higher than of you reading this article on your laptop today. Ever wonder how all the apps that you use are made? If you want to be one of those who are putting these apps on the market, then look no further than Twenty19’s Android course for beginners to start your journey.

To start training visit: Android App Development for Beginners, Android Advanced, Android for Wearables

  1. Linux


A Unix-like operating system, Linux is an open source, cross-platform OS that is an alternative to the more rigid Windows or iOS operating systems that most computers run on today. Linux OS is a great platform to explore and experiment with code of your own or other designs. Its community development is a unique way to contribute to large scale projects and learn from experts around the world. Even as a Windows user, learning how to use Linux is a valuable skill.

To start training visit: Linux

  1. PHP


Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is an open source general-purpose scripting language that is primarily used for web development activities. It can be embedded into HTML or used in combination with other web template systems. The course available on Twenty19 introduces PHP in combination with Mysql.

To start training visit: Creating a Dynamic Website with PHP and Mysql

  1. HTML (2)

Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is used to create web applications. The pages created using HTML are generally displayed in browsers on the World Wide Web. It is one of the basic building blocks of web development which you can start learning along with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) on Twenty19.

To start training visit: Learn to Build Websites with HTML and CSS

  1. .NET


“Dot Net” is a software framework created by Microsoft. It is a web services strategy to connect information, people, systems and devices through software. It can also be described as a layer of software that makes it easier to write programs that communicate with the operating system. The course on twenty19 provides an extensive learning experience of programming with C#, .NET and MVC architecture using Visual Studio 2010 express IDE.

To start training visit: .NET Course

So what are you waiting for? Choose a course to explore and start learning!

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