India Internship Report 2014

We at Twenty19 are happy to present to you the India Internship Report 2014.

The India Internship Report 2014, summarizes the trends of the Internship Market in India in 2014. This report has been produced to showcase Twenty19’s findings, and educate companies on how Internships can be a powerful recruiting tool to solve the talent crunch that they face. The data, results and findings are from Twenty19‘s experience of working with 7500+ companies, and 3 lakh+ students, helping them for Internships .

Economic Times, launched this report, publishing an article here

The India Internship Report covers the Top Trends of Internships in 2014, Predictions on how the Internship scenario will be in the next 3 years, Data and insights on the Internship market in 2014 and tips on How companies can setup successful internship programs

Some of the top findings of the report:

  • Companies face a talent crunch- 2014 saw 150% increase in the interns required by companies.
    Internships are a recruitment tool to attract full time employees-
  • Interns are the new freshers- 68% of the internships offered a job prospect at the end of the internship period. Companies use internships not just for temporary / support jobs but as an effective recruitment tools.
  • Companies catch talent young-42% of the students have applied to atleast 1 internship by the time they graduate from college
  • Talent availability isn’t seasonal anymore- Students & companies look for internships throughout the year for internships- peaks during Summer & Winter semester holidays.

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